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Your Corporate Showroom is Missing Sales…

By November 20, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Corporate showrooms are important because they give a potential customer the opportunity to see your product in person; usually hands on. I’ve spent some time in an industry where my potential to close a sale increased if I could get them into my showroom. Today most companies can only rely on these showrooms or the limited time for customers to experience their product at a trade show. The problem with trade shows today is that not as many people are attending and the people that do show up are distracted. Often trade shows are just ways to show that your brand isn’t dead. Corporate showrooms however, create a much more intimate setting where focused one on one interaction takes place. This one on one interaction is what increases your chance to close the deal.

The challenge with corporate showrooms is that most companies do not have the ability to build one out in every market where they do business. Their opportunity to be seen is more centralized and their visibility is limited. They rely on images and “virtual tours”. While this can be useful, it eliminates the hands on experience that is a great benefit to your customer. So, what is the solution?

That’s right! You should take the experience directly to the client. Load up your products or services into a vehicle and bring it directly to your customers parking lot. Mobile Marketing Tours have an incredible ROI because they create this intimate experience with your customers. It provides the opportunity for your customers to see the product and most importantly, mobile marketing tours are a way for you to stand out. Unlike the trade show floor your competition won’t be there. Another advantage is you are able to get face to face with key decision makers and our experience shows that they spend more face to face time with you when compared to trade shows.

One of two things are true about the relationship between mobile marketing tours in every industry.

  1. Your competitors have incorporated mobile tours and you are falling behind, or
  2. No one in your industry is incorporating mobile tours and you are missing out on a chance to stand out.

Mobile marketing tours, when staffed with passionate and enthusiastic brand ambassadors, can be an incredible experience. More importantly, mobile marketing tours can be a powerful tool for your sales staff in any region. At Pro Motion, we guarantee great ROI from our B2B marketing programs because we know the success Experiential Marketing and mobile marketing tours accomplish, we see it work year after year. So stop wasting your resources on old status quo ideas and get something back from your investments!