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Work as a Team, Win as a Team

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Work-as-a-teamPro Motion’s Core Values have been in place at Pro Motion since the very beginning. They shape what we do and how we do it from a high level down to our smallest choices. These 5 tenets remained virtually unchanged since 1995, and were codified and memorialized in 2002. It was then, at a management conference, that our team began to think about how we work together and what is important in the way we work together. 

“Everyone on the Pro Motion team cares about our business and is 100% committed. I’m here to tell you that Pro Motion makes it happen!” – Bosch Power Tools

Let’s check out value #3:

Core Value #3: Work as a Team, Win as a Team

“Work as a Team, Win as a Team” covers many aspects of the culture here at PMI. We are collaborative by nature, so when someone is stuck, we rally to get them unstuck. When something awesome happens, we all get in on the celebration. The team’s the thing!

Example # 1:  Broken Axle

A while back, PMI had an activation in Texas with a tow-behind trailer that was mission-critical for the success of the team. When one of the axles on that trailer snapped, things looked pretty grim. But what happened next was remarkable.

The trailer was getting towed to a shop in Texas at 4:30pm. PMI had an axle, but it was back home in St. Louis. There was a team headed to the west coast, but they were working an event in Springfield, MO…about 4 hours away.

One of our accountants came to the office and switched his car for a company pickup truck. He picked up the axle from the office and drove out to Springfield. He met the Springfield team around 10pm and transferred the axle to them. The Springfield team headed west, and the accountant stayed overnight, heading back to St. Louis the following day. The Springfield team met up with the Texas team the following morning, delivered the axle, and continued on their journey. Four hours later, the Texas team was back on the road with a fixed trailer and without missing any events!

Example # 2:  Winning as a Team

The Pro Motion team works hard all year round, providing great service to clients and field teams. PMI is performance-based, and we don’t have traditional structures for our raises/bonuses. At the end of the year, if it’s been a good year, everyone gets a piece of the pie. Sometimes that’s a straight bonus; sometimes it’s an all-expenses-paid luxury cruise for the whole team and their families!

Whatever shape it takes, the bonus is a bonus. It’s not a guarantee, and it’s not an entitlement. It’s a system grounded in merit and celebration of team success.

It’s easy to see how this ties in with “Employees First. Always.” and “Make it Happen.” Each of our values complements and augments the others. When team members are told that they are authorized to make any decision, it is with the caveat that their decision needs to be in line with all of the core values. If the values are kept, then it’s the right decision for the company.