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What’s your Experiential Marketing Fortune?

By November 11, 2010 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

blog - experiential marketing fortuneHere at Pro Motion we have a tradition that involves fortune cookies! The first time I experienced this tradition I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business doing someevent marketing research when all of a sudden, “GGGOOOONNNNGGGG!!!” I jump from my seat not knowing what happened as everyone in the office gathered around this huge brass gong that I had noticed before but never enquired as to the purpose. I mean, what exactly was a field marketing company doing with a gong in the middle of the office anyway? I had no clue but I was about to find out. Turns out every time our Pro Motion wins a new experiential marketingprogram, the project manager for the program rings the gong. Everyone assembles, we hear about the new program and someone passes out   fortune cookies, and then we all read our fortunes.

One day about not long ago the gong rang. We gathered around the gong, got our fortune cookies, heard about the opportunity and read our fortunes, no big deal, right? WRONG! The gong rang   4 more times after that and we all got 4 more fortune cookies. By the second or third round of reading the fortunes, we heard some repeated fortunes. This made me start to think; even though it was the same fortune it meant something different to each person reading it, could this be the same for the companies that were about to embark on event marketing experiences? Even though all these companies came to us for field marketing each company was different and therefore needed different approaches to experiential marketing.

Although all of these promotional tours required the use of street team marketing or experiential marketing, each company and their products are unique, which means they would all require a unique brand experience. Whether it is a street team passing out portable cell phone chargers at Lollapalooza, or a brand ambassador helping the team to effectively and efficiently activate a health juice sampling program, each experience would be different, yet effective.  We were presented the opportunity to provide an event marketing plan to several companies who all wanted the opportunity to grow their brand using different aspects of experiential marketing and it was our challenge to make sure each company got what they deserved, a unique brand experience. So let me ask you this, “what’s your experiential marketing fortune” and how can we help you make that fortune a reality?