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What You Need to Know – Marketing Tips

By February 13, 2017 January 21st, 2020 No Comments

What You Need to Know –  Marketing TipsWhat makes for great experiential marketing?

An experience of course! A great experiential marketing campaign takes a consumer’s brand connection to the next level.

We have been around for a few years (22 years to be exact).

Want to know how to create an experience that will change the way you see experiential marketing?

Today, we are sharing four key experiential marketing tips we’ve picked up over the decades.

Four Experiential Marketing Tips

  1. DSC00726Lend a Learning Experience
    Wondering why sales are lower than projected? There may be a disconnect between your product or service and the consumer’s knowledge or understanding.
    Create a learning experience to bridge the gap, and show your audience what they have been missing out on. B2B and B2C companies have the opportunity to capitalize on the lack of knowledge base.
    The HP Extream Makeover Tour created awareness and preference for the HP Exstream Enterprise Document Automation Software with a traveling B2B motorcoach, which traveled to 21 cities in 8 weeks. By educating financial services, insurance, and utilities customers on the Exstream Enterprise Document Automation Software, the sales pipeline was tripled, and the sales cycle was cut in half.
  1. Case Studies - Gatorade G-Series Mobile Locker Room (6)Make Every Second Count
    A 2015 study revealed that the average human attention span is only 8 seconds!
    As marketers, we have a fiscal imperative to make each and every second count! Utilizing video footage and virtual reality (VR) experiences helps engage consumers, who are often faced with information overload.
    When promoting Gatorade’s G-Series, a mobile locker room was created to travel to 9 handpicked high schools. The locker room was loaded with amenities ranging from X-Box 360s to satellite radio, Direct TV, Internet stations and a 63-inch Smart Board. Key programming elements included hydration talks, fluid loss testing, chalk talks, product sampling and social sharing capability through the Internet. These activities were strategically picked to engage the limited attention span of the target audience – high school students.
    In addition to generating over 24 million media impressions, the Gatorade G-Series Mobile Locker Room found that of all the student athletes engaged, 70% indicated that they would purchase the G-Series product.
  1. Three60Gear.St.Louis 022Meet Them at the Spot
    Even with 24 whole hours in each day, life is really busy.
    Do your target consumers a favor, and meet them at the spot.
    Locating your experiential marketing experience where your consumers are located makes you and their job easier – everyone is already in one place.
    Find out where your target market lives, works, plays. Stop by a local 5K, or perhaps outside of a local sporting event.
    Three60 Gear utilized a baseball street team to meet sports fanatics at their home away from home – the baseball stadium!
    The tour created brand awareness by putting street teams wearing the attention-getting apparel outside of baseball stadiums, and handing out “baseball cards” that provided information about the shirts and where to purchase. The BA’s also made the experience fun, by encouraging fans to join in on renditions of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” and the opportunity to compete to win one of the photo shirts.
  1. Case Studies - Bosch Big Blue Tour (18)Engage Consumers for Meaningful Participation
    Your product is great, and you want your customers to know it!
    Make your consumers feel valued by offering a hands-on experience which provides a true “try-it-before-you-buy-it” opportunity.
    Bosch Tools recognized the need to engage consumers, and benefitted from a mobile tour which generated brand awareness, and enabled Bosch’s sales force to sell-in incremental merchandise and demonstrate new product lines to their target consumers. The results – $75 million of additional retail sell-ins, and engagement with over 500,000 tool-using consumers.
    Customers are the lifeline of your brand. Sustaining brand vitality and customer relationships is essential to success.

These four tips are a great starting place to your next experiential marketing campaign. Let your creativity run wild, and experience all that experiential marketing has to offer.