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What it Means to Have a CDL Driver on Your Marketing Team

By January 29, 2018 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

You are preparing to hit the road for a fantastic mobile marketing tour. You have already chosen the perfect vehicle based on your client’s brand and the program you designed together. It’s time to start recruiting your awesome tour team. But wait! Don’t forget one of the top priorities: You need a CDL driver! While that might just sound like marketing jargon, it’s actually a really important detail for your program. What’s a CDL?

According to regulations set by the Department of Transportation, a CDL is a commercial driver’s license, meaning the weight and size of the vehicle for your tour fits into a specialized category and therefore requires a specialized license than a normal driver’s license. Mobile marketing vehicles like trailers, tractor trailers, and box trucks would fit into this category. And possibly even Tonka Trucks.

Obviously for legal and safety purposes, a team member with a CDL is important. But what else does it mean to an agency looking to hire a tour team? Someone who has a CDL has more training, more miles on the road, and more experience to help ensure you have a safe person driving your brand vehicles. On the road, the branded vehicles are an extension of the brand itself and are judged as so by people who pass by. Just in case, it’s always a good idea to have two CDL drivers on th

e tour team (especially if you have more than one vehicle!).

What other types of rock stars do you need on the tour team? Well a tour manager of course! The glue that holds it all together and helps deliver results for the program goals. Along with general oversight, they also manage and train the Brand Ambassadors in market. Speaking of Brand Ambassadors, or enthusiasts, these people are upbeat, outgoing, hard working, and another important representation of the brand. Still stuck? We have tips to help you hire the best team possible for your mobile marketing tour.

Now that you have hired the most awesome mobile tour team, it’s time to hit the road!Duck RAA Walmart Vehicle Shot