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What is the “A-Ha!” Moment?

By May 28, 2014 February 8th, 2019 One Comment

What is the-A-Ha!-Moment-“A-Ha!” moment…what does that mean?

You know what I am talking about; it’s the moment when the light bulb goes off over Wiley Coyote’s head when he has a brilliant new scheme to get his nemesis, the Roadrunner. It’s the moment when everything clicks.

So what does it have to do with experiential marketing?


Creating the “A-Ha!” moment is what we do for our clients. Whether it is for Fiskars and their PowerGear tools or and their online and mobile capabilities, we bring that “A-Ha!” moment to life through interactions with our street teams and events.

It’s that moment where everything else is thrown out the window: the talking points and jargon, the research on other products—everything. The only thing that matters is that a consumer used our client’s product and it worked better. The next step is a purchase.

For Fiskars, getting the tools in consumers’ hands is a must. Once the users feel how different the PowerGear technology is and how much easier it is to operate than competing products, you can almost see the light bulb going over their heads—the “A-Ha!” moment. wants University residents to access the app, create a profile, and order their next meal online. Pro Motion’s College Brand Ambassadors accomplished that by spreading the word throughout several universities, showing how simple is to use, and then rewarding users with app-exclusive discounts at local hot food spots. Again, the students used their site, the light bulb goes off, and everything else is irrelevant—the “A-Ha!” moment.

So I ask you:

What are some of your “A-Ha!” Moments? What makes your brand shine? Did your light bulb go off? Did you just have an “A-Ha!” moment?

Contact us and let us help bring your brand’s “A-Ha!” moments to your customers.

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One Comment

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    […] D is for Demonstrate. Do you have a product that requires demonstration to sell it? A mobile vehicle tour is the way to go.Get your product into the hands of your consumers so they can test it out and experience it – it’s the “A-Ha!” moment you are looking for! What’s an “A-Ha!” moment? Look no further! […]