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Coffee: What Else are Interns Good For?

By June 15, 2016 January 21st, 2020 No Comments

Want to guess how many coffee runs I’ve been on since I’ve worked at Pro Motion? Zero. How is this possible? Isn’t that the only thing interns are good for?

Apparently there’s this crazy thing around here at Pro Motion called “respect”, and so I’ve actually been learning a lot about something that I knew little to nothing about—experiential marketing.

So…What does an intern do for an experiential marketing company if they don’t get coffee? Many people have completely different reactions.

Before I tell you the different ideas people have about my internship, I am forewarning you that I have officially decided to attempt to make this blog a little more “millennial-tastic”, as they say. (They=me). So my first post will be composed in meme style. Don’t worry, I won’t use too much fancy youngster-talk.

An experiential marketing internship:

What my friends think I’m doing:

Coffee: What Else are Interns Good For
photo credit: Seawall Project Tour Wednesday June 1 via photopin (license)

Last week I was telling my friends that I had traveled to a warehouse in Earth City to work on the Tractor Supply Co. campaign. I said I was helping our TSC team practice setting up the event and packing up the trucks that will travel to state and county fairs. Now I’m pretty sure they think I just work in a warehouse all the time.

What my mom thinks I’m doing:

photo credit: Baby Boy Typing via photopin (license)

I am very fortunate that my mom and I actually get to work at the same company this summer. She’s been working here at Pro Motion for a few years, and it’s really nice to see her in the office every once in a while. But she has no idea what I’m doing. She just thinks it’s adorable that I have a rolly chair and a little desk.

What society thinks I’m doing:

Intern Pouring Coffee
photo credit: Coffee Bean Team via photopin (license)

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an intern? Coffee. Coffee runs. Coffee creamer. Coffee beans. That’s all we’re good for right? Despite the stereotype, I have been very fortunate that I’ve been assigned to actual tasks here at the office and not just to arbitrary things like getting coffee…yet. [EDITOR’S NOTE – I’m actually the one that orders the coffee. What kind of world is this? Steve, why aren’t the interns ordering the coffee?]

What I think I’m doing:

photo credit: 

What am I doing? I don’t know. I probably messed everything up. Everything was working just fine without me here before! Did I do this right? Do I have to ask to use the bathroom? How do I adult?? Help!

What I’m actually doing:

Coffee: What Else are Interns Good For
Ignore my extremely awkward arms in this photo. Ugh.

I am learning so much about the business of experiential marketing, building relationships and working with a cooperative and dedicated team. We’ve had so much fun so far—I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!

Until next time,