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What Deep Emotional Connections Means

By February 28, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

What-Deep-Emotional-Connections-Means-300x225Would you like to create lifelong relationships with your customers? We have found that successful companies are able to do this by creating deep emotional connections with their customers. By building an emotional bond with your consumer you’re becoming a part of their life. Your customer’s will want to share their experience with your product with their friends and family. They’ll feel as if they are a part of your brand and that your brand really understands and fulfills their need. This is a tight relationship that isn’t easy to obtain.

A great example of building a deep emotional connection with your customers is to think about sports teams. Sports teams have deeply loyal fans in their community. When you watch a baseball game on TV you see the colors of the teams throughout the stands. Fans are proud to share their support for their favorite team. Even those fans who didn’t have a ticket for the game like to gather outside of the stadium just to be a part of the action. These fans are a key component to sharing the message and spreading the enthusiasm for the team.

There are also a lot of brands that have that same type of following. For example, have you ever heard the phrase, “you wouldn’t understand, it’s a Jeep thing”? Well just think about the loyal customers that Jeep has. The iconic Jeep brand offers an adventurous lifestyle and vehicles that deliver legendary 4×4 capability and they have a passionate following of loyal consumers. Jeep owners form bonds with other Jeep owners over the connection of the shared ownership. There are even special events such as Camp Jeep for Jeep enthusiasts and owners.

The Jeep brand isn’t the only one that has created such a loyal following. In our future blog posts we will examine some of the other brands that have managed to make this type of impact with their customers. We will examine how these brands have been able to develop this type of relevance with their customers and identify trends so that you can apply this key learning to your brands to begin creating deep emotional connections with your customers.