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Top 5 Tips for Recruiting the Best Brand Ambassadors

By September 13, 2011 April 9th, 2020 One Comment

Blog - Top Tips for Recruiting Brand AmbassadorsAre you thinking about an experiential marketing program for your brand?  The people who represent your brand to your consumers are key to the success of your program.  Whether you are thinking about managing your own experiential marketing program or hiring an experiential marketing agency, here are important tips to remember.

  1. Choose people who represent the demographic of your brand.   Is your target demographic health conscious adults?  Then make sure your Brand Ambassadors also embody that lifestyle.  Are your target consumers looking to purchase new interior paint?  Then make sure your Brand Ambassadors have interior design background and/or experience.
  2. Choose team members that are fun, energetic, outgoing, and can talk to anyone.  Here are some other traits to think about as well – Top Ten List of Brand Ambassador Traits.
  3. Choose Brand Ambassadors that are passionate about your brand.  If you are marketing power tools, make sure your Brand Ambassadors enjoy working with tools and have experience working with tools.
  4. Educate, educate, educate.  Once you have interviewed and found the representatives for your brand, training is the next important factor in a successful program.  Your Brand Ambassadors should be knowledgeable about your brand – all details – since they are the face of your brand and your company.   Check out our blog on training – 4 Effective Ways to Train Street Teams, Even if it is a One Day Event.
  5. Culture is also important for a great team – every company has a culture that governs how a company is run – check out Make It Happen in Event Marketing.  Make sure your Brand Ambassador team is trained not only on your brand attributes but also the important things in your company – company history, processes, and core values.  Embrace the Brand Ambassadors as you would any other employee to inspire loyalty and passion to your brand and your company.

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