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Top 5 in Tech: Staying Connected to the Web

By November 7, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Creating an effective experiential marketing experience in a new location every day with a different setting, time, access to the grid, can be a daunting task, especially if you require internet connectivity for your event. So in today’s post I wanted to highlight our top 5 methods for keeping our experiential marketing events connected to the web even in the the most remote locations.

Close-up1. The Mobile Hot Spot or 4G Business Router This is the standard and go-to option for mobile connectivity. We do suggest being careful with placing to much confidence in hot spots. Always keep an eye on your wireless carrier’s coverage map to make sure you are covered. You must also keep in mind that their are bandwidth restrictions and a limited number of connection (sometimes only 4) for mobile hotspots.
2. Satellite Internet The best option for very remote events (think middle of the desert for Burning Man, or a Trans Africa Expedition) though not the best for a stable speedy connection (in which case you can’t beat 4G where there’s coverage).
3.“Borrow” the internet Many vendors and locals may have connectivity and woould be more than willing to share a password with you if you’re nice.A situation to be avoided (but never scoffed at) sometimes trading a few spare premiums and the use of a great smile can make a touchy situation go away.
4.Self Hosted Solution For those of our clients who have a completely cloud dependent product that requires the internet we always suggest using a dedicated server to create a virtual net that can be deployed as a failsafe in the event that a stable connection cannot be secured.
5.Have a “hard line” run to your event footprint beforehand This option is not easy to accomplish but can be effective in making sure you have a fast and stable connection to the web ready for your event. This option takes time calling localized ISPs and contracting short term service. Beware of the regulations in your space (cotracted internet providers, Union labor) as this can throw a wrench in the best laid plans.

While it can be tricky and we recomend always having a backup plan, we have found that there is always a solution for connectivity. Have you ever been in an impossible internet scenario? Let us know what you did to get your event on the web on our Facebook or comment below!


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