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Tools You Need to Sell Experiential Marketing to Your Internal Team

By July 10, 2013 April 9th, 2020 No Comments

Experiential Marketing has been around a long time.  You see it everywhere – at your local grocery store, at your local bar, while attending a sporting event, branded vehicle driving down the road, etc.  As a CMO, Director of Marketing or Brand Manager, you know that experiential marketing is right for your brand.  But, how do you sell it to your Sales Department and/or CFO?  What tools do you need to support this tactic?  Below are ways to sell an experiential marketing program to your internal team.


  1. Your competitor is doing it.  While the “everyone is doing it” reason, may not always be the best  answer for some questions; in marketing it is a great answer.  If your competitor is out in the field engaging consumers face-to-face they could have a leg up on your brand and you need to get out in the field as well, putting your product into the hands of your consumers.
  2. ROI.  What is the ROI needed to make your sales team happy?  Your boss?  Your investors?  Decide what your measurements of success will be and be able to provide this information to your team.  Some examples to think about are touches, samples handed out, sales, coupons distributed, and consumer engagements.
  3. New Product Launch.  You have a new product or service and putting together an integrated marketing program for this new product could get it into the hands, minds, mouths of your target consumers quickly.  Combining an experiential marketing program with your traditional and online media will extend your reach.
  4. Expanding Market.  Maybe your brand is only regional and you are ready to go nationwide – a mobile vehicle tour could be the answer to spreading the word about your product in new markets.


Whether you have a new product to launch or expanding your market, experiential marketing could be the next step in your marketing program.  If you believe in this type of marketing and need help selling it to your internal team, give us a call.  The Pro Motion Team is ready to provide you with the tools you need!