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Tips to Becoming a Better Brand Ambassador

By June 21, 2011 January 18th, 2020 No Comments

Blog - Tips to Becoming a Better Brand AmbassadorIf you think that it is easy to call yourself a Brand Ambassador you are right; if you think that all Brand Ambassadors are the same you are wrong. Check out Tips for Recruiting Street Team Brand Ambassadors to learn more about how to find the right people for your promotions.

It is easy to go to an event wearing a branded uniform and hand out free samples but that is not what you were hired to do. You were selected for your personality and stunning good looks; at least that is why I was hired (wink, wink). Your purpose is to create energy around the brand you are promoting. To do that you must be committed to the promotion not just involved (If you are wondering what the difference is Google: The chicken and the pig).
I feel that there is one question that your consumers need to ask you that lets you know how well you are doing as a Brand Ambassador, and that question is: “where can I buy this?” If people are simply taking samples from you without participation then you aren’t doing your job. Be personable and approachable. Get to know your consumer and find out what they like. Allow them to participate and feel involved in your promotion. Don’t just throw a bunch of product information at them, because while it is important for them to know it shouldn’t be the only reason you are talking to them. You want them to walk into a store and think about you when they are deciding if they are going to buy your product or not. That is the greatest benefit of face to face marketing; you can ultimately influence every single consumer you meet.  You are now the face of this product, so as we say here at Pro Motion you are expected to be “on” at all times.

Being a Brand Ambassador is an extremely fun job and if you go about it the right way it can be a very rewarding job too. If you love interacting with people and you can commit to the product you are promoting then becoming a Brand Ambassador is calling your name. If you are looking for a quick dollar and you don’t feel like working very hard then you are wasting everyone’s time and you won’t last very long in this industry.

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