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Tips for Training Brand Ambassadors for On-Premise Promotions

By June 7, 2011 January 18th, 2020 No Comments

Blog - Tips for Recruiting and Training Brand Ambassadors for On-Premise Promotions1On-premise promotions require the A+Brand Ambassadors. When recruiting, be clear that you are hiring the very best to interact with consumers at bars and restaurants. These types of promotions typically require very high energy team members.

Once your A+ team has been hired, training is the next most important step. Things to remember when training:

  • Setting the Brand Ambassadors up for success for their event marketing program is the next priority.   We believe 90% of the success of a program comes through training the right people to represent your brand.  Be sure to provide a comprehensive training program to give Brand Ambassadors the tools they need to be successful.  Here’s how to set-up a successful training program.
  • It is important that the event planning agency you partner with for your campaigns has a Safety Training Program in place from event set-up to event tear down and everything in between.  Be sure that you cover all of the critical risk management factors to ensure the safety ofBrand Ambassadors, consumers, the general public and your brand’s reputation.
  • There are food and beverage safe-handling tips and processes to follow when sampling alcoholic beverage.  This additional training will provide protection for you, your brand, your consumers and the agency.

Best team hired? Check! Thorough training? Check! Now you are ready for a great on-premise sampling program.