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Three Reasons Social Media Isn’t Enhancing Your Brand

By April 4, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

social-media-failuresIn 2013, social media is all the rage. Companies are flocking to Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts in order to cast a wide net, reach as many people as possible and avoid social media failure.

So why isn’t your brand seeing any ironclad success from your social media efforts?

If any of these scenarios sounds like your brand, it may be time to rethink your marketing strategies and restructure your social media to support a new way of thinking.

Social Media Failure #1: Competition

Social media is all the rage, which also means that the market is somewhat saturated. Everyone and their grandmother can put together a reasonable social media presence within a few hours – or minutes. Separating your brand from the competition is difficult in this kind of environment, but you can do it if you’re willing to go the extra mile for your customers. Ask yourself how you can provide value on social media, whether it be through special offers on your products or unique, thought-provoking content.

Social Media Failure #2: No Interaction

Too many companies use social media as a static website. They post company descriptions but don’t interact with customers. The opportunity inherent in social media allows for a greater deal of interaction – and customers are ready to join in once you engage them.

In order to enhance your brand, try to focus your social media efforts on engaging customers. Ask them questions. Post polls and contests. Bring out their interest and invite them to interact with you 

Social Media Failure #3: No Reason to JOIN the Fun

Social media is fun, but don’t expect your customers to Re-Tweet you if you’re not contributing to that fun. Start reaching out to them! Create a contest. Offer a link to order free samples of your product on your Twitter account. Create fun and the customers will come.

If social media isn’t enhancing your brand, don’t fret. Your business can enhance its social media efforts – and its overall branding efforts – with a direct outreach that engages your customer on a real level.