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The Sound of Music – For Your Brand

By July 2, 2018 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

Music is the emotional cornerstone to entertainment.

You see the proper utilization of music in film, TV, and modern digital platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Having the right music as a partner for your brand can demonstrate brand personality, values, and connect an audience to your visual experience. 

We are surrounded by music everywhere we go. 

With just the pluck of a few strings, music makes an audience feel strong and distinct emotions. Just a few notes, and you can radically alter a person’s opinion on a brand.

Movies are a great medium to experience this. Just altering the music in a scene can transform it from a horror scenario into something comical. Music frames the audience’s mind and feelings, which is why it’s so useful in fully actualizing a promotion. Check out this altered scene from Lord of the Rings to see this in action.

Music and your brand

Connecting your brand or promotion to the right music accompanies the goals of the brand, and builds stronger and more personal connections with the audience or customer. We absorb the sound subconsciously, and we begin connecting certain sounds with certain feelings. This makes music incredibly powerful and useful when trying to communicate your brand’s message. Finding just a few right notes could do more than any soliloquy about your values. Putting those two ingredients together makes your brand memorable.

With our mobile vehicle tours, we focus on the right music to create the appropriate atmosphere. For example, on our Tractor Supply Company mobile tour, an open footprint with many activities and a largely rural audience and theme, we have a good mix of today’s country hits. For our B2B mobile trade show tours, we make sure the soundtrack meets the feel of the brand and the experience.

Music has incredible influence in achieving your brand’s goals. It’s a point of connection for all audiences and the brand itself. It’s a way of framing the values and goals of the brand. Music is a way for your brand to say more with less and achieve your promotional goals.