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The Secret to Unlocking the Potential of Your Marketing

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Successfully Creating Engaging Marketing Has Obstacles

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Brand marketers today are facing pressure from all angles to achieve better results with the same resources. Your branding and messaging may be inspired but, the conventional marketing channels are losing audience numbers and even with budgets lifting, the ideas for improving reach are stagnant. The problem is that most marketers have refused to transcend the “status quo” and remain reliant on weakening traditional advertising. The landscape of buyers is changing and so are their expectations. Focus on the popular idiom “work smarter, not harder.” For you to truly unlock the potential of your marketing you have to “stop broadcasting and start engaging” by focusing on making deep, emotional connectionsbeing authentic, and creating an arena for your fans to gather.

Engaging Marketing = Deep, Emotional Connections

Around the world marketers are sitting at their desk thinking “How do I engage consumers with our brand? We don’t have an exciting product so all we can do is create awareness.” This is the roadblock that many brands hit at some point, but it doesn’t have to be. Every interaction, advertisement, or channel for messaging is an opportunity to invite connection. Use this opportunity to connect with your consumers, don’t just start the conversation, follow-through and keep it going. Instead of looking at a new way to market, think of new ways to recruit “brand evangelists (e.g. fans, followers, enthusiasts, influencers).” It’s essentially the same thing, but keeping your marketing focused on the best experience, to make deep emotional connections with your customers, will keep them coming back for more.

Your marketing should share not only the value of your products or services but it should also share the ideas  or personality of your brand.’s Jeff Bezos could not have put it better, “Abrand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Consumers today are placing more and more value in brands that have a great reputation, for not only the quality of their products and services but the core vision ideas the company aspires to, they want to be a part of something bigger. Take a look at Apple Inc.’s Supplier Responsibility Report, in an effort to improve an already incredible consumer satisfaction level they meticulously document the incidents where their supply chain is not meeting the Brand standards and the steps being taken to correct it.

Be Authentic

Create the Arena Where Your Brand Evangelists Will Gather

It is commonly accepted that word of mouth marketing is the most powerful messaging a brand can get. But it is important to realize that having a funny video with 1 million hits does not guarantee that the video inspired conversations after viewing or an even bigger leap, assuming viewership leads to purchase intent. A more valuable method of cultivating and encouraging conversations is to actually and emotionally connect with your “brand evangelists” (e.g. fans, followers, enthusiasts, influencers).  Your customers will be more likely to talk about you if they feel invested. So create an experience for them, in so doing you will empower your customers to become your most valuable marketing asset.


Creating memorable experiences and the stage to showcase your brand is the easiest solution to overcoming the status quo of traditional marketing. Engineering every moment where consumers encounter your brand with an Experience to remember. Leverage the opportunities you have in the digital and retail spaces to engage and invite consumers to participate.

Pro Motion is devoted to helping brands choreograph moments with their consumers, every detail of the brand experience strategy. We have seen the difference and rewards brand’s are reaping by creating unforgettable experiences for their audience.