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The Little Details Make a Big Difference in Field Marketing

By June 29, 2012 January 21st, 2020 No Comments

Blog - The Little Details in Field MarketingThe first couple weeks of my internship my fellow intern and I were thrown into the fire of event marketing.  The first program we helped on was a movie premiere tour.  We got to help the Brand Ambassador teams prepare for their 7 week journey across the country.

And for those 3 weeks all I could think is, “Wow every little thing matters when you’re planning a mobile vehicle tour”.  You need to make sure every street team is fully stocked with the right equipment and that it’s in proper working order.  For example, when you get a shipment of generators, you need to make sure they all work, every single one has all of the right parts, and every single generator needs to be there for the teams!

One particular “Make It Happen” moment was when we had to fill over 100 sand bags for the tents. The sand bags arrived for the teams to use to anchor their tents but they were not pre-filled and we needed to get them ready to go on tour quickly.  It seems like a pretty small detail but when you have 17 teams with 2 tents each  and 4 sand bags per team that adds up to a lot of sand!  What seemed like a minor detail was a critical step to ensure the Brand Ambassadors had the proper equipment for their event marketing tour.

And that’s when it hit me.  Every little bitty small detail is important in field marketing.  From top to bottom, everything needs to be completed the right way because your name is on it and your client’s reputation depends on it.  We have a core value here at Pro Motion “Reputation before Revenue”.  I think that sums up the importance about making sure each and every event is a success, no matter the cost.

Who actually wants to wants to stay late on a Friday night to make a presentation about how to handle different logistical aspects of the tour?  No one, but it needs to be done.  Who wants to move 20+ tables from the office to an airplane hangar for training purposes? No one, but it needs to be done.  At the same time you must take pride in the little things because once that product is finally done there is no better feeling.  You put your blood sweat and tears into it and you know when the trucks hit the road you have done everything you can to set the Brand Ambassadors up for success. The Street Teams are going to represent Pro Motion’s client wonderfully. We prepared them, took the time and concentrated on the little things so we know it was done the right way.

I learned when you are in the Event Marketing field, you don’t just represent yourself you are promoting your client’s brand and their reputation is riding on the success of the program.  So remember to cross your T’s and dot your I’s, every little thing matters in the grand scheme of things. Like the late great John Wooden said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” And I love when big things happen.