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Team building…one hire at a time.

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Build A Strong TeamIf you don’t have the right people on your experiential marketing team (street team, mobile marketing team, event marketing team, etc.), then you don’t really have a team. Trustworthy, reliable, presentable, intelligent…your team is directly representing your brand to a public that will often make snap judgments on the spot.

I just finished a 2-month activation for a program with 2 major brands, and needed to build several different teams. One team was the core of the operation. They were responsible for traveling to every event, for training everyone, and for keeping things on track. There were locally sourced teams of Brand Ambassadors at each event around the country. And there were armies of volunteers that were necessary to provide the manpower and excitement that a large-scale event requires.

But how do you ensure the right people on the team?

Here are questions to ask and things to consider:

  • Who are you looking for…and why? Don’t compromise on this. No sympathy hires! Hire to cover what you are missing…buffer against your weaknesses. Remember: if you hire someone just like you, they will probably have your same weaknesses
  • Do they believe in what you do? Are they passionate about your vision? Are they passionate about what they do? Is there a connection between what they do and what you do? Do they fit your corporate culture?
  • Do they have range? What else have they done outside of your industry? Can they learn? Everything else can be taught. Look at intelligence and integrity over specific experience. What can they do for you now? What can they do for you in the future?
  • What’s their attitude? A positive attitude is just as important as a strong resume. Happy, hungry, humble people make great team members. What do they do in their off time? Family? Volunteer? Community? What do they want? A job…or a career? Can they make you believe they want to work for your company?
  • Are they willing to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes? Do they gel with the team? Introduce them during the interview process. Are they consistent in their 2nd or 3rd interviews?
  • Who recommends them? Would they hire them?

If this seems like a lot, it is. And this is just the superficial high-level stuff. Hiring the right team takes the same focus, diligence, and dedication to the brand that you would expect from every other team member.

I’m happy to report that our program  was a resounding success, due in large part to the incredible people that comprised our teams.

What do you do in order to get the right people on board for your brand?

photo credit: gentagrafie | via photopin cc