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Surprises are for Birthdays – Not Your Experiential Marketing Budget

By September 2, 2011 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Communication is important in Account Service – just as important as the actual activation of an experiential marketing program (check out our blog article Communication is Key When Managing an Event Marketing Program).

Surprises are for birthdays – not for your experiential marketing budget!  Whether you are in the search mode for an agency or currently working with an agency, do a quick check.  What is your agency’s stance on this?

Pro Motion’s pricing methodology is, “No Surprises!”  We manage your budget like it is our own.  Once we agree to a price we stick to it.  Pro Motion does not nickel and dime our clients.  We will only utilize a change order for a change in the scope of work and it must be agreed upon in writing.  We do our research and find the best value for our clients, spending money as it if was our own.  We have accounting processes in place to ensure that each project team consistently reviews spending and tracks program costs to ensure we stay within our budgets.  We have communication processes in place to keep our clients informed.

Our financials are tracked through an internal accounting system.  The Management Team develops a budget worksheet and then codes all costs to specific jobs and line items.  Our budget has over 200 line items and we can customize our budgets to each client’s needs.  Expenses are submitted on a weekly basis and All Detail Transaction reports are generated and shared with each Account Team so that they are able to track their job expenses on a regular basis.

So, give us a call, put us to the test…

“We love you guys.  You all do great work.  You are so buttoned up, you think of everything!  And, we also love your pricing structure.   You guys provide so much more value than other agencies.”
–    CNN

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