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Super “Market Managers” Save the Day in Experiential Marketing

By July 3, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Blog - Super Market ManagerWhat’s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Yes, I know I just did a superhero-themed post, but how can I resist referencing what many are considering the blockbuster of the summer?

Most would say the answer is Superman, and that’s fine. In my world (experiential marketing, duh!), it’s a buttoned-up, organized, proactive Market Manager – someone who can save the day with precise preparedness, relentless reliability and the kind of cool countenance that only Clark Kent’s Kryptonian counterpart can compete with. Here is how theSuper Market Manager saves the day:

It starts with the first impression: the resume and email. At Pro Motion, we utilize group forums, job sites and referral networks to find great Brand Ambassadors and Market Managers across the country. The first email I get from the Super Market Manager puts me at ease. It tells me, “Hi, I’m going to make your life easier because I am super-organized, super-savvy and super-excited to take on this leadership role.” I understand, based on the body of your email (truly, EVERYONE has a nice-looking resume) that you have experience and that you know what it will take to take the reigns of a street team or sampling program and make it look super-simple.

After that, the Super Market Manager calls upon trusted, reliable friends and colleagues to be part of the Team (“News Team, ASSEMBLE!”). Only the very best Brand Ambassadors are part of the Super Market Manager’s network because superheroes of a feather flock together.

Then, when activation day comes, the Super Market Manager is the leader, the omniscient one. The Super Market Manager knows exactly where everyone is, what everyone is doing and is prepared to make changes at a moment’s notice. I could call the Super Market Manager to get updates, but I don’t have to because the Super Market Manager has already provided updates, letting me know that all is well. If all isn’t well, the Super Market Manager flies in with a solution.

After everything is over, the Super Market Manager takes care of all paperwork, and then makes sure everyone else’s paperwork is completed as well. Typically, the Super Market Manager will ask something along the lines of, “Can I do anything else to help with thispromotion?” and the answer will be, “No. Because of all of your amazing superpowers, everything has been taken care of. Thank you, Super Market Manager!”

Wherever you are, Super Market Managers, thank you for saving the day.