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Super Market Managers Save the Client’s Day As Well

By July 24, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Blog - Super Market Manager RebootLast time, I wrote about the Super “Market Manager” (not to be confused with the “Supermarket” Manager, or any other less impressive combination of “quotations” and compound words), and the Boss called me out for being self-absorbed in my writing. He was right. I was so caught up in how the Super “Market Manager” makes my job easier that I failed to think about all of the benefits our S”MM”’s bring to you, the client.

Really, you and your brand are the greatest beneficiaries of the S”MM”. The S”MM” has the MOST influence over how the face of the brand will look in the field, represents the final layer of quality control, knows the local landscape better than you or I, and is a consummate Ambassador for your brand.

The S”MM” takes complete ownership of not only the logistics of the program, but also of the image and engagement. The S”MM” thinks about your brand as a brand manager would think. The S”MM” leads by example, enthusiastically speaking highly of the brand and the company whether on the clock or off the clock. Sure, we expect that sort of representation from ALL of our Brand Ambassadors, but when the Market Manager leads the way, you can be sure that the Team will follow.

One of the most important roles of the Market Manager is that of enforcing accountability. While you and I cannot be present every time our Brand Ambassadors hit the streets, the S”MM” is omnipresent. Whether it’s tweaking a talking point or turning up the smile meter of a Brand Ambassador, the S”MM” makes the Team better by carrying out your vision for how your brand looks in the field.

Since the S”MM” is omnipresent, it stands to reason that the S”MM” is an expert when it comes to finding the right events or festivals and the right locations for an experiential marketing activation. The S”MM” knows the hot spots, knows how to get permission from the right people and, perhaps more importantly, knows where NOT to be. We can do all the online research in the world to learn what we can about a city, but the S”MM” has experienced it, having led street teams or produced special events nearly everywhere in town.

The greatest benefit the S”MM” brings to your brand is being a constant Ambassador, always looking for ways to better share the brand on a local level. Sometimes it is as simple as going the extra mile to make sure the local coffee shop knows what we are up to, or mentioning the program to friends and neighbors. The S”MM” is always thinking about your brand and always talking about it. The S”MM” takes pride in managing the program and shares that pride with everyone.

We work with Super “Market Managers” all over the country who save the day for us and for our clients. I know how great that feels in my world, and I hope you feel that way as well.