Picture it: A team of professional ambassadors of your brand, engaging consumers where they live, work, play, and shop, creating lasting connections and turning tryers into buyers.

Street Teams are a great way to engage your brand’s target consumers face-to-face!

But creating a professional, engaging, and successful street team activation takes planning and management. —

This video series addresses several of the main points you’ll need to consider in order to make it happen:

– planning your promotion
– recruiting and training your brand ambassadors
– choosing a location
– consumer engagement
– results and metrics

II. CHOOSING A LOCATION In this installment, we explore the three L’s. Location, location, location!

Whatever your business, location is key. This holds especially true in field marketing.

What good are the right brand, the right ambassadors, the right training, and the right plan if you’re not in the right venue?

Every activation has its own criteria that needs to be met.

Who is the target audience? And with the story you’re trying to tell, what type of environment do you need?

Millenials drinking energy drinks are probably spending their walking-around time in different places from businesspeople looking for a fast-casual lunch.

What time of year are you activating?

Nobody wants to stop and sample your frosty beverage if you’re outside in a snowstorm. Plan accordingly. If the weather is going to be an issue, look for indoor venues and back up locations.

What’s your goal with this activation? Do you need a place where consumers are encouraged to hang around? Are you simply raising awareness and getting samples in peoples’ hands? Find places where the traffic matches your needs. That’s a lot easier than forcing the flow of traffic to bend to your program. Give people the benefit of your entire experience.

Where can people get your products? If your beer is only available in Wisconsin, then a street team in Chicago doesn’t make much sense. Make sure to select your markets carefully. And when you are activating, drive more sales by locating near a vendor that carries your product.

These questions are where your thinking should start. Every project deserves a customized location search to ensure that objectives are met. A bad location can kill a program’s metrics…if there’s no one to see and sample your brand, were you ever really there?

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