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Straight-Up Win – Snapple Tour 2016

By January 16, 2017 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

What do you do when you have a sweet new product? You take it on the road! Our Snapple Street Tour hit the streets to help “sweeten” consumers’ days with Snapple’s newest product, Straight Up Tea.

The Challenge

The challenge was simple – increase the trial and awareness of Snapple® Straight Up Tea. By meeting our consumers on the spot, we had the opportunity to surprise and delight our target consumers, passionate optimists ages 18 – 49.

The tour needed to be fun, relevant, and interactive – everything experiential marketing should be!

The Solution

To meet the needs of Snapple, we sent 19 branded vans across 27 cities. Our 205 day tour included 65 appreciation days and 9 retail days. Over the course of the tour, we met consumers across the nation, and showed them why they should love Snapple® Straight Up Tea.

How do you travel the nation to show off a great product? With a great tour team of course! We sent out 19 market managers and over 150 brand ambassadors across the nation to pass out ice-cold samples in locations across the states. Brand ambassadors engaged consumers where they hang out most – 5K runs, parks, balloon festivals, community events, music festivals, sporting events, and more. Who doesn’t love a sweet surprise?

The Results

Over the course of 205 days, we sent out teams across the states, and brought in “winning” results.

  • Vehicle Impressions
    Our 19 branded Snapple vehicles received 5,276,429 impressions. A great branded vehicle is one of the best forms of “mobile” advertising, as it draws attention and notoriety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Sample Impressions
    Experiential marketing often relies heavily on the five senses – tasting, seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling. We utilized consumers’ taste to allow them to understand why Snapple is a straight up win!
    By offering 1,232 poured samples, and 521,639 bottles, consumers were delighted by the great taste and new design now offered by Snapple.
  • Merchandise
    In addition to complimentary poured samples and bottles, our Snapple tour teams distributed 111,941 coupons and 5,675 t-shirts. Who doesn’t love a great giveaway?

Our Snapple Tour was a Straight Up Win! By meeting consumers on the spot, we increased sample impressions, brand awareness, and offered great vehicle impressions and merchandise to fans across the nation. That’s how we like to create brand fanatics!