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Spotify’s London Pop-Up Store Makes Streaming Music Experiential

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4373191934_13ea52062c_bSpotify—a key participant in my daily routine—has dipped its toe into the experiential marketing field with a pop-up activation in England. By adding a face-to-face component to what is already a feature packed service, Spotify hits a homer in service and tone, building “meaningful 1-1 connections.” Sure sounds like “A-ha!” moments to me!
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Wasserman Experience has created a pop up store for Spotify, which is aimed at increasing awareness of the music streaming service, as well as educating users understanding around the premium benefits.

The activity is part of a growing trend by online brands such as Spotify to merge its service with unique real world experiences, to boost engagement and build more meaningful 1-1 connections.

The Spotify pop-up at Kings Cross station is a new addition to the various activities Spotify runs to increase awareness around premium features. To emphasize this Spotify brand ambassadors at the station will be helping people get started on the 3 months for £0.99 Premium trial as well as other special offers.

Kings Cross station was identified as the ideal location to build the Spotify store due to its high footfall numbers amongst commuters. This is one of the key areas where we believe Spotify Premium is able to enhance the experience for its users. The activity is aimed at new and existing free users, with a focus on leading and early majority adopters.

Matt Johnson, junior account director at Wasserman Experience said “Experiential marketing can play a key role in a consumer’s path to purchase. With the Spotify pop-up store we’ve added an extra element to its digital sign-up campaign, giving Spotify a physical presence that means it is able to engage with consumers face to face, and deliver an experience that will result in more sign-ups to Spotify Premium.”