Creating Measurable ROI for Brands & Event Marketing

Pro Motion Is a Preferred Experiential Marketing Partner

We all know walking into the Chief Financial Officer’s office at any company is intimidating. However, Pro Motion helps our clients not only enter with confidence but also come out feeling like a rock star. Our event marketing agency builds every program with the end objectives in mind, so we know what to measure when evaluating event marketing performance. One of our first questions is, “What needs to happen during this program for it to be deemed a huge success?” Then the fun begins, learning about what’s going on within your company and designing an event that exceeds your wildest expectations. After the campaign or program is over, you’ll be able to walk in and pitch future ideas in the CFO’s office like the shining superstar you are thanks to our well-executed experiential marketing efforts!

Experiential Marketing & Return on Investment Go Hand-in-Hand

In an economy full of uncertainties and competitors, most brands keep a close eye on their return on investment (ROI) for every action and transaction. Nobody wants to spend thousands or even millions of dollars on advertising efforts that don’t translate into soaring company sales. As an expert experiential marketing firm, Pro Motion specializes in providing measurable event ROI using a variety of metrics. Our firm has partnered with many recognized brands, including Hasbro, Disney, HP, Snapple, Pepsi, and the NBA. While experiential marketing uses several resources in the form of money, people, and time, it’s far more likely to pay off for your company than other conventional methods of advertising. Are you curious about how challenging it is to measure an event’s success? You’re not alone.

Measuring Event Success: The Types of Metrics We Track

When you partner with Pro Motion, we customize an event portal with you at the get-go to measure the success of every event or program we execute on your behalf. Every year, our experiential marketing services get more sophisticated with new forms of measurable data we can track. That’s because we want to provide tangible results for every client. The more evidence we have that your experiential marketing dollars are put to good use, the more likely you are to put some of those dollars back into next year’s event marketing budget. Among the metrics we use to measure event success for your national brand are all of the following:

  • Face-to-face engagements
  • Footprint attendance
  • Social media sharing
  • PR and media coverage
  • Vehicle impressions
  • Guest feedback
  • Samples distributed
  • Demonstrations
  • Pipeline growth
  • Actual product sales
  • Coupon redemption

Your Idea of Event Success Depends on Your Event Goals

Your end goals determine the success of your event and your return on investment. What do you hope to accomplish as a result of this event? Are you hoping to increase your sales? Is networking and building more corporate partnerships your goal? Do you measure the event success based on how many people attended or by the satisfaction of your attendees? As you can see, there are many ways of measuring your event success and interpreting your event marketing performance. The first step is to set your goals to give you actionable data to measure, and then we’ll take it from there.

Ways Pro Motion Proves Your Marketing Return on Investment

Pro Motion calculates the success of our experiential marketing efforts in several ways. We use social media to gain valuable insights into what your event attendees say before, during, and after your event. We also determine attendee satisfaction through surveys. The key to gathering such metrics is to strike while the experience is still fresh in the attendees’ minds. This often yields the most accurate data because the attendees are more likely to be more forthcoming in their responses. If your event involves the distribution of samples or coupons, we can track how many were passed out versus how many were redeemed to determine consumer engagement. We can also measure how many times posts from the event were shared via social media or the media in general. Learn more about how we track and monitor results from your experiential marketing campaigns.

Contact Pro Motion for Help Analyzing Your Measurable ROI

Could you use some help analyzing your measurable event return on investment? Contact Pro Motion to request a consultation. Our event marketing agency has worked with countless clients over the years, including many well-known national brands. Put our expertise to use for your company today!

Mobile Vehicle Tour ROI

Examples of metrics to track:

Face-to-face engagements
Footprint attendance
Social media sharing
PR and media coverage
Vehicle impressions
Guest feedback
Samples distributed
Pipeline growth
Actual sales

Did you know…
82% of event marketers say live events are critical to their organizations’ success.

2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study