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At Pro Motion, we love it when clients challenge us to come up with a creative solution for their brands. This is when our event marketing agency takes our decades of industry experience to build a program to take your brand to the next level. Our proprietary Success Process provides the opportunity to understand the need and create the right program to exceed your marketing strategy expectations.

Understanding How Pro Motion’s Success Process Works

Every year we’re in business, our experiential marketing services expand in their sophistication. That’s because we’re able to perfect what we already know and build upon it to better serve you. Here’s how Pro Motion’s Success Process works to your advantage:

Marketing Strategy Diagram

Critical Results Appraisal

The first step of a successful marketing strategy is for us to gain a clear understanding of the opportunity. We’ll review historical data, as well as input from your company’s stakeholders. Face-to-face meetings with the client are essential in figuring out the right approach to take with our consulting.

Action Alignment Review

The next step is to develop objectives and strategies customized to the client’s marketing needs. During this phase, we’ll manage trade-offs to establish the integration of your marketing strategy and timelines.

Activation of Game Plan

Once we’ve determined the appropriate timeline for your marketing strategy, we’ll lay out the course of action to get us there. Various things happen during this phase of the process, ranging from vehicle design, production, and operations to sales team training, recruiting, and event staffing. Once we have a customer engagement plan in place, we’ll maintain open lines of communication to execute it properly.

Activation and Engagement Process

The activation and engagement phase of the process involves data collection and helping you prepare for the unpredictable. What could go wrong with our marketing strategy? Being prepared for all eventualities helps us ensure the likelihood of your program’s success. Read our testimonials to see why brands trust us to look out for their experiential marketing needs.

Results Refinement Review

During this phase of the process, we’ll track the actual results against the objectives to determine how successful our marketing strategy was in the end game. Are there any program enhancements that could be added to ensure even more success next time? We’ll gather feedback from the field and your team during a mid-program review to calculate your program’s measurable return on investment.

Post-Game Recap

Our event marketing agency is always looking for ways to exceed client expectations. During our end-of-program review, we’ll measure the results to see if there are any key learning opportunities to improve the overall experience next time. We use this feedback to develop experiential marketing case studies.

Tips for Maximizing Your Marketing Strategy with Pro Motion

Take your marketing strategy to new heights by following these tips to maximize your efforts:

  • Understand Your Consumers – If you don’t have at least a basic understanding of your target consumers, you’re far less likely to implement the right marketing strategy. What do your consumers need, and how does your brand deliver upon this need? Are you connecting with your consumers in a meaningful way to instill their continued loyalty? Are you utilizing all of your available platforms, including social media and original branded content?
  • Determine Your Objectives – Your marketing objectives should be clearly defined with a timeframe and measurable criteria. When you have goals in place, you can hold specific teams accountable for the results. For example, if driving more sales was your primary objective, and you didn’t achieve this, maybe it’s time you took a look at your sales team training and what could have been done differently.
  • Analyze Your Competitors – How competitive is your market? Understanding the industry and analyzing the actions of your competitors is useful in implementing your marketing strategy. Are there any market gaps with consumer needs that aren’t being fulfilled? Are you following the current trends in your industry or looking for innovative ideas to set you apart from the pack?
  • Develop Your Marketing Budget – Once you’ve established what your competitors are doing and which areas your brand needs to focus on, developing your marketing budget will be easy. Our event marketing company can advise you on which parts of your campaign would be most beneficial to achieving your end goals.
  • Measure Your Event ROI – After everything’s said and done, Pro Motion measures the success of any marketing strategy by examining various metrics. Did your program bring additional sales or consumer satisfaction? Did you achieve your end goals? Where are areas for improvement?

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Contact Pro Motion today to speak with our event marketing company about your brand’s marketing strategy and consulting needs. We’ve partnered with many of the country’s leading brands in the past, including Tractor Supply Company, Vertiv, Pepsi, Snapple, Utz Snacks, Hasbro,  Motorola, HP, Energizer, Disney, Citgo, Corona, and Hussmann. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization!

Did you know…
79% of experiential marketers say in the coming years, live events will become increasingly important to their organizations’ success.

2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study