The Challenges of Finding Quality Event Talent Staff

Pairing You with the Ideal Brand Ambassadors Every Time

Finding quality talent isn’t always as easy as putting an advertisement in your local newspaper or even online. While you may receive an overwhelming response to your ad, attracting the right event talent is another story. The “talent scouts” at Pro Motion spend a crazy amount of time searching for the ideal brand ambassadors and event staff for you while putting quality at the forefront. We know that 90% of the success of any field program is pairing great humans with incredible training. That’s what we do all across the United States. At Pro Motion, we demand more than just warm bodies when recruiting event staff and brand ambassadors. Our event talent is so convincing thanks to their ongoing training and support, your CEO will think they’re actually employees of your organization!

The Essential Role Brand Ambassadors Play in Event Marketing

Most businesses know about the importance of promoting their brand to raise awareness and drive product sales. However, far fewer companies have tapped into the enormous potential of hiring brand ambassadors to help them build meaningful relationships one consumer at a time. While it’s true the Internet and social media now connect brands and consumers in ways previously unimaginable, the reality is there’s no substitute for good old-fashioned face-to-face interaction. Brand ambassadors are essential to your branding because they give you a human face and voice. While your branding may already do a fantastic job with its online messages, it’s the human factor that often makes your brand feel more authentic and resonate with others. Hiring professional, enthusiastic street marketing teams encourages engagement at your events and helps you build a trustworthy reputation for caring about your consumers. Positive word-of-mouth generated through your event marketing and brand ambassadors will only help elevate your brand awareness even more in the public’s perception.

You Need to Be Choosy When Recruiting Brand Ambassadors

Are you not sure where to start when recruiting brand ambassadors for your next big promotion or pop-up marketing event? Not to worry; Pro Motion has you covered in the United States. Some of the most influential brands in the nation rely on us to match them up with the right brand ambassadors. So, how do we do it? We sort through literally thousands of resumes to pair each brand personally with the ideal personalities to represent it. And not only do we match you with your perfect brand ambassadors, but we also invest in training them to get better campaign results. Your campaign has the potential to be stronger the more time you’re willing or able to invest in its marketing strategies and in developing the event talent pool.

Many experiential marketing agencies send out mass e-mails when recruiting event talent for their clients. However, you get what you pay for when it comes to brand ambassadors. You can’t afford not to be choosy when selecting the individuals to represent you. After all, your branding is only as effective as your event talent. You also only get one chance to make a valuable first impression with consumers, so make sure you make it a positive, memorable one with the people you can trust to get the job done!

Why Pro Motion’s Brand Ambassadors Are the Best

Brand ambassadors are capable of making or breaking an event marketing campaign. The best brand ambassadors are those who are outgoing, passionate, and willing to dive right in and have a good time while becoming knowledgeable about the brand they’re selling. When you hire the right event talent that’s enthusiastic about representing you, it makes your brand seem more confident in telling your story. Our brand ambassadors at Pro Motion will help you tell your story while creating fun, genuine moments with your consumers. Brand ambassadors should know your brand better than anyone else and often make excellent extensions to your sales staff. Read our blog on the subject of “Why Our Brand Ambassadors Become Your Sales Staff” to learn more about how our brand ambassadors continuously work hard on your brand’s behalf.

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Every brand has a story waiting to be told. It takes an experienced event marketing agency like Pro Motion to bring together all of the necessary elements for an effective experiential marketing campaign, including the event talent. We would love to help you attract the ideal brand ambassadors to build on your experiential marketing success. Please contact Pro Motion today to get started!

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