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Pro Motion, Inc. Can Help You Plan Events and Pop-Up Shops

Designing your own proprietary event or activating at an existing event is a great way to stand out in a crowd. Experiential marketing also allows you to have meaningful conversations with consumers to discover what they like or dislike about your brand. Our production team at Pro Motion sweats the small stuff, so you don’t have to, while building your brand. Can you imagine all the details necessary to pull off a successful event or pop-up shop? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Our event marketing agency has created successful pop-up event marketing for many well-known national brands. Whether you’re a challenger brand testing the waters or a business that’s been around for a long time, we offer a variety of experiential brand marketing services to help get your company to the top!

Understanding Why an Event Marketing Strategy Is Essential

Did you know that 94% of consumers are more likely to remember a brand after an experience? This comes directly from a 2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study. Whether you’re sponsoring a special event, supporting a local team, or hosting your own event, the entire experience must build an emotional connection. That’s how you develop fans of your brand – fans that will drive word-of-mouth about your product or service and drive sales. Event marketing strategy is about bringing a brand to life and telling a story through an event so that your brand has more staying power among consumers.

How Pop-Up Event Marketing Works with Pro Motion

Pro Motion specializes in event marketing for U.S. brands of all sizes. Pop-up events can be staged anywhere, from a local park, a festival or entertainment venue to a hotel or trendy restaurant or bar. Wherever the people are is where your brand needs to be, and we can help you get there. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C event, pop-up event marketing is about planning events to build brand awareness. A B2B (business-to-business) event focuses on getting other businesses to rally behind your product or service, while a B2C (business-to-consumer) event focuses directly on your consumers’ needs. Both B2B and B2C events can be useful tools for creating a memorable brand experience.

Benefits of Experiential Marketing Services for Your Brand

Experiential marketing may sound risky to some businesses, but once you partner with an expert, you will see how mainstream it really is. When done right with Pro Motion, experiential marketing can be fun for your consumers and your brand. Here are a few of the benefits offered by our national experiential marketing services:

  • Take Your Brand to the Next Level – No matter what industry you’re in, you probably have many competitors all offering similar products or services. Experiential marketing elevates your brand to another level. When done right, it has the power to transform an ordinary brand into something extraordinary that consumers are less likely to forget. Experiential marketing is about creating campaigns for your business that consumers will still be talking about years from now.
  • Valuable Social Media Exposure – One of the best benefits of experiential marketing is its “shareable” quality. When you create a fun pop-up event for your brand, it garners excitement. And when people are excited, they’re more likely to share their experience on social media, which can be a valuable free advertising tool for your business.
  • Engaged Consumers – Experiential marketing allows consumers to engage with your product or service. Giving out free samples or letting people test your product during an event is an excellent way to get your brand in people’s hands, mouths and minds. Consumers are more likely to purchase your product once they have experienced it and now know what it does better than similar products on the market.
  • Immersive Brand Experience – Humans remember experiences and the more immersive they are, the longer they will remember them. Here’s an example, in May 2019, Taco Bell announced The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort in Palm Springs, CA. Everything from guestrooms to pool floaties features a Taco Bell twist and provides an innovative way for super-fans to immerse themselves in the brand.

Experiential Marketing for Any Market & Every Audience

From 50 people to 50,000, our national event marketing agency handles everything from the initial brainstorming through the event’s breakdown and cleanup. Our event development processes and world-class teams of hand-picked talent ensure your brand is the center of all the attention. Check out some of our past events in our case studies, and then contact Pro Motion to find out how we deliver you to your audience through experiential marketing and promotional events!

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