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Because influential decision-makers are not attending trade shows in droves as they did in the past, sometimes it’s necessary to go directly to them – a reverse trade show. B2B roadshows and events give you access to useful conversations with key customers that drive your sales. Clients seeking assistance in staging B2B (business-to-business) marketing roadshows and events often see as much as 50-to-1 ROI (return on investment) metrics. If you want to double your pipeline and cut your sales cycle in half, there’s no better way than B2B targeted event marketing – whether it’s just around-the-block or across North America!

Unique Benefits Offered by B2B Event Marketing Strategies

When implemented correctly, B2B event marketing strategies can be an effective strategy to maximize your ABM (Account Based Management) plan. Here are a few unique benefits offered by Pro Motion’s B2B marketing roadshows as taken directly from client feedback we’ve gathered over the years:

  • Increased Brand Awareness – You may offer a new product or service, but what good is it if not enough people have heard of it or tried it? A B2B mobile roadshow gives you the chance to connect your brand with potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer and how it can impact how they do business.
  • Direct Access to Decision Makers – Gathering the right kind of customers is essential to any brand, but perhaps more so when your business interacts with other businesses and not the general public. Hosting a mobile roadshow puts your brand first and foremost with prominent decision-makers in your industry. Demonstrating and allowing customers to experience your brand to see how it compares with similar products.
  • A “Reverse Trade Show” Just for Your Products – When you host a mobile roadshow, your brand becomes the ONLY show in town! No competitors just around the corner.
  • A Needed Sales Spark – If sales for your brand have been sluggish, a mobile roadshow can be the much-needed sales spark to get things going again. Approximately 75% of our clients have told us that experiential marketing is one of the most successful tactics they’ve incorporated into their branding strategy. Our list of B2B clients is rapidly growing, and we’d love to include you.

Things to Consider Before Embarking on a Mobile Roadshow

More national B2B brands than ever before are looking to mobile roadshows to get their products in front of potential customers. Pro Motion recommends considering the following before deciding a B2B marketing roadshow is right for your brand:

  • Have an End Goal – You should always have an end goal in mind with whatever marketing strategy you’re trying to implement. With B2B mobile roadshows, you should know what type of story you want to tell at each location you visit and what you want the guests to think, feel and do after they visit your roadshow. Don’t settle for status quo marketing!
  • Defined Tour Logistics – Where are your target consumers located? This will help you determine whether a local, regional, or national mobile roadshow tour would be the most effective. Once you know which cities you’re targeting, then you’ll need to decide specific locations within those markets. Would it be best to stage your mobile roadshow at a neutral location to draw a general crowd or at a client’s parking lot to draw a more focused crowd? We can help you decide!
  • Measurable Metrics – Being able to measure your metrics will help you determine how beneficial the mobile roadshow was towards developing your goals. Pro Motion can help you gather customer feedback about the event or your products to determine what needs to be done to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Successful Follow-Up – The success of a trade show, even a mobile one, is only as strong as the follow-up you provide your customers. You need to have a strategy to keep the momentum going long after your mobile roadshow, or it won’t translate into as many sales. The biggest challenge facing today’s B2B brands is converting a trade show experience into a sale. Let Pro Motion put our expertise in doing a “reverse trade show” to your advantage.

Check out our blog on the subject “6 Things to Consider Before Developing a B2B Roadshow” for more useful tips while trying to decide the best marketing strategy for your company!

B2B Mobile Product Showrooms and Building Your Brand

When Pro Motion first broke into the experiential marketing industry 25 years ago, the landscape didn’t contain nearly as many B2B brands as it includes today. In fact, we’d dare say that this sector of our event marketing company has been among the fastest-growing just within the past decade. National and multinational B2B brands we’ve worked with in the past include Hussmann, Invacare, Uplifting Entertainment, TBS, HP, Bosch Power Tools, and Bomgar. Please contact Pro Motion today to find out more about our innovative B2B mobile roadshows and what they can do for your branding.

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