Expert Experiential Marketing Solutions for U.S. Brands

Pro Motion, Inc. believes that every brand has a unique story to tell, and we tell them best by sharing relatable experiences in the marketplace. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, our marketing firm provides experiential marketing solutions nationwide to help brands stand out in a digitally-cluttered world. Also referred to as engagement marketing, experiential marketing is a strategy focused on building a brand by connecting emotionally with consumers. If your consumers are engaged with your brand, this can generate brand awareness and create a loyal customer following. In other words, you can turn all of those casual consumers into fanatics for life thanks to our expertise!

How Engagement Leads to Measurable ROI for Your Business

If you’re like most brands, you’re probably focused on digital campaigns that you hope help you achieve a return on investment (ROI). Pro Motion uses experiential marketing to deliver upon the promise of creating measurable ROI for your business. We track many metrics to determine just how engaged consumers are with your brand. Specifically, we measure face-to-face engagements, social media shares, PR and media coverage, guest feedback, and much more. We then see how all of these valuable tools come together to lead to actual sales and pipeline growth.


Customized Marketing Strategy and Consulting Solutions

Pro Motion, Inc. takes your brand to the next level thanks to our customized marketing strategy and consulting approach. The formula for our success is simple. First, we’ll gain a clear understanding of your brand through research and face-to-face meetings. Next, we develop marketing objectives and strategies tailored to your specific goals. Maintaining open lines of communication, we then lay out the best course of action and implementation for your strategy. We collect data to measure your consumer engagement levels and do our best to help you prepare for the unexpected. Finally, we provide an end-of-program review to determine how successful the strategy was against your initial objectives.


Making Digital Marketing Work to Your Advantage

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “Content is king.” Our firm creates original and branded content to help many national brands hone in on what makes them stand out from their competition. Social media is a fantastic tool to help you figure out how consumers interact with your products. Every time a customer shares your social media post, you should think of it as a word-of-mouth referral to their friends, family, and neighbors. By engaging your customers in various methods, we’re able to drive social amplification of your brand’s story to give you a broader reach and a clearer consumer message.


Event Marketing: Creating “Buzzworthy” Events for Your Brand

Pro Motion, Inc. also utilizes strategic event marketing to help build your brand nationally. Events and pop-up shops are especially useful for driving sales and generating excitement among your customers. Whether it’s an event for 50 or 50,000, we’ll help you do everything from the initial event planning to the cleanup afterward. Successful event marketing can turn your brand into the brand that sets industry standards with buzzworthy acclaim. Wouldn’t you love to be on top?


Our Marketing Street Teams Help Spread the Good Word

What good is it to have a quality brand if nobody has ever heard of you? Rely on our marketing street teams to help you spread the good word about your business and what you have to offer. We carefully screen and select brand ambassadors to bring your brand to life in fun, engaging experiences. While you may think it’s easy to find the right event talent to represent your brand, it’s a bit more complicated than that in reality. Our “talent scouts” will help you find brand ambassadors who are so convincing in their enthusiasm that your CEO will think they’re company employees.


Mobile Trade Shows: How B2B Road Shows Connect Customers

Does your business have an exciting, innovative product to share with the rest of your industry? Our proprietary B2B road shows and events help spread the word with key customers interested in what you have to say and can help to control the buyer’s journey. It’s a great opportunity to have quality conversations with your customers without competitors anywhere in sight. Sometimes it pays off to go to your audience directly, whether it’s on a national, regional, or local level. B2B road shows and events cut through the clutter and make your product the hero. Our clients have received huge ROI results like doubling their pipeline and cutting their sales cycle in half.


Targeting Your Message: Benefits of B2C Mobile Vehicle Tours

Our B2C mobile vehicle tours are also a wonderful way to impact your target audience and achieve measurable results. We’ve worked with many recognized B2B and B2C brands, including Gatorade, Campbell’s, CNN, Anheuser-Busch, Hussmann, Invacare, Vertiv, and HP, to develop both B2B road shows and events and B2C mobile vehicle tours. We’d welcome the opportunity to work closely with you too!

Pro Motion, Inc. Wants to Help You Promote Your Brand

Are you intrigued about exploring national experiential marketing initiatives with Pro Motion? If you’re eager to see how we can help you increase your brand promotion and mobile vehicle tour efforts, imagine how enthused you will be with the results. We encourage you to reach out to us via email or phone to arrange a consultation with our experiential and event marketing experts today. Together, we can help you take your brand to the next level!