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Social Media and Brand Ambassadors – No Excuses!

By November 18, 2011 April 9th, 2020 No Comments

blog - can your social media do thisDo you “Like” us? That means something totally different than it did a few years ago. Did you re-tweet an article we tweeted? Again, a whole new meaning, which does not have anything to do with a bird. No longer can a Brand Ambassador sit at home and ask “why did I not know about that totally awesome promotion?” Everyone needs to stay connected using social media and here’s how:

  • Like us on Facebook – Oh how we love Facebook!  It’s where we announce upcoming opportunities, happening events and of course some industry tidbits.  If you don’t “like” us yet, WHY NOT?  Please go to and “like” us.  Also, if you like something we say, why not share with your friends?
  • Follow us on Twitter – Just another way we announce upcoming promotions, special events, industry information and marketing research and insights. Follow us We love re-tweets!
  • Read our Blogs – We like to think after over 16 years in this ever-changing industry we kind of know a thing or two. Lots of tips, lists and how to do’s in our blogs. Subscribe to our blogs on our blog homepage @
  • Watch our YouTube videos – A visual learner are you? We’ve got you covered here too. Watch our videos to see Pro Motion in action. Watch us
  • Be sure you have a profile with a professional networking site such as LinkedIn. Hey there are numerous groups that you can join that are dedicated to this industry and even specially targeted to Brand Ambassadors. We have also been known to post a job or recruit a person or two using LinkedIn.

Don’t ever have to wonder why you didn’t hear about promotional gigs from Pro Motion again! Like us, Follow us, Read about us, Watch us and Network with us for all the inside scoop and information!