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Puzzling…What Experiential Marketing SHOULDN’T Be

By July 25, 2016 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

Ah, puzzles.

Grandma’s favorite table setting. The doctor’s waiting room distraction. The only game (I’m pretty sure) you don’t need an app to play.

Think back to the last time you actually completed a cardboard puzzle (without any pieces missing). Remember the satisfaction of squishing the last small piece in place? All of a sudden, it went from being a mess, to a complete masterpiece.


How in the world does this relate to experiential marketing?

Well, puzzles AND experiential both start with a lot of interlocking pieces and (hopefully) some sort of plan.

Using different techniques can help you achieve your goal faster. For example, maybe separating some of the edge pieces into one corner will allow you to create the frame, and have a great foundation to your project. Behind every experiential marketing campaign is a strong baseline frame work.

Each piece to the puzzle is important, and to complete the pretty picture, you need every single one.

What are some of the pieces to an experiential campaign?

  • Brand Ambassadors
    • Having well trained and enthusiastic brand ambassadors can make or break a campaign. Ensure they are genuine and passionate.
  • Integrating Digital and Social Techniques
    • Like we’ve said before, creating an event with viral value can spice up your digital market. See that the campaign encompasses something that consumers will want to take photos of and post online.
  • New Possibilities
    • Keeping an open mind is a sometimes forgotten piece of the puzzle. Your brand can travel millions of miles if you understand the possibilities that are out there.

Experiential marketing works like a well-crafted puzzle…but it should never be puzzling.