The Walt Disney Company had 5 Business Units to represent at the Special Olympics at the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles. They needed a way to represent all business units and engage a large international audience on a limited footprint over the course of a week. The audience consisted of athletes, coaches, and spectators who were to be treated to fun, engaging events that promoted the Disney sense of joy and wonder while presenting each of the distinct story units.


During the week of July 24-August 2, 2015, we had over 100 VoluntEARS working on the University of Southern California campus. We represented 5 business units with games and activities for each. Over the course of the week, the USC campus hosted all kinds of Disney Special Olympics World Games events.

  • Magic of Healthy Living
    • Mickey Check
    • Imagination Playground Blocks
  • Corporate Citizenship
    • Decorate fans for the FANS
    • Imagination Playground Blocks
  • Parks and Resorts
    • Decorate fans for the FANS
    • Imagination Playground Blocks
  • Consumer Products
    • Story Time
    • Coloring Sheets
    • Imagination Playground Blocks
  • Interactive
    • Infinity Gaming Consoles
    • Imagination Playground Blocks



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Thank you for making our Disney booth such a success and such a special place at the Special Olympics World Games Festival! We are delighted with the results and thanks for the terrific wrap-up of the documented results! Can’t wait to work with you again soon!

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