How do you enhance the experience of a mundane but necessary daily activity: putting gas in your car? How do you inject life into a brand that’s associated with that very act? Even more so, in a world where gas prices often dictate the mood of a person’s day, how do you change the game and positively impact people in this activity? We partnered with bvk from March 2013 through November 2014 to create an experiential marketing tour that would reinvigorate the CITGO brand through awareness, interest, established customer loyalty, and procurement of enthusiastic new customers.


  • The CITGO experiential marketing tour called the “Fueling Good Road Trip” parallels bvk’s Fueling Good campaign aimed at “rewarding good in the community.” The CITGO-branded vehicle on tour was wrapped with whimsical hand-drawn doodles and branding.
  • Two Brand Ambassadors (Adam and Diego) piloted this traveling billboard across the country between Texas and Maine, greeting local residents, managers, and customers of CITGO. The campaign broadcast images and videos on a dedicated website and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest).
  • The goal of the campaign was to connect with local CITGO customers and acquire new customers by showcasing the core values of the brand as well as the “feel good” neighborhood-friendly faces of the CITGO guys.


  • The Fueling Good Road Trip vehicle interacted with customers in CITGO locations and neighborhoods in 29 cities across the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast in 2013 and 34 cities in 2014.
  • The experiential marketing tour, “Fueling Good Road Trip,” helped to humanize and familiarize CITGO, a common fuel brand in a sea of competitors, and create brand loyalty.

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