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Pro Motion’s Employees Are First – Always

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Blog - Employees First AlwaysThis series of blogs is to showcase the 6 Core Values for Pro Motion, Inc. (PMI).  The Core Values were designed so any PMI employee is able to make decisions based on the Core Values of our experiential marketing team.  Specifically, if a decision meets the meaning of every Core Value, the decision is a good one.  If all but one or two Core Values are being met, the decision is not the right one.   The PMI Core Values have been in place since the first day Pro Motion was born; the Core Values were memorialized in 2002 during the Rockefeller Habits conference in Atlanta, GA where a team of managers began to think about how we work together and what is important in the way we work together.

This first blog is all about Core Value #1 – Employees First Always

Employees First Always is based on the belief that if you take care of your employees and they are passionate about their jobs, enjoy working with their co-workers, understand and buy into the direction of the organization and truly believe they can make a difference in the success of the company, they will be more productive, more happy and will do whatever it takes to take care of their clients.

We are in the services business and we live and die based on the results we deliver and the value of those results relative to the overall cost of the program.  So, happy employees make for happy clients.  Over the years, this Core Value has been tried and tried and it continues to show its value to the organization, its employees and its clients.

Example #1:

Several years ago, we landed a new client who was later deemed a “bad fit ” because his expectations didn’t meet our culture and values.  After just 3 months and several conversations with the client, Pro Motion decided to resign the account and no longer do business with this person.  The client was taking advantage of the Pro Motion account team, was less than professional and was causing stress within our organization.

Sending the message to the Pro Motion team that they were more important than the revenue was a clear message that employees were thought of first, always.

Example #2:

We had a mobile tour that had a very aggressive schedule.  While we kept meeting the program’s needs, the workload of the employees on the mobile tour was overloaded without enough days off and long hours in the schedule.  Some Core Values were given more weight than others and such the field team of Brand Ambassadors was being asked to forget about the Employees First Always Core Value.  So, once the account team saw how all of the Core Values were not being adhered to, we made some quick changes to make sure all the Core Values were being equally weighted.

If all of the Core Values are in check, then the decisions being made are in sync with what we all have deemed important to the company’s belief system as well as the success of our client’s programs!

Check back to read future blogs in this series!

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