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Pro Motion Works as a Team and Wins as a Team

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blog - work as a team, win as a team1The core value, Work as a Team, Win as a Team seems pretty simple to me. We figured out a long time ago our culture was very collaborative and team-like. We love working together and we want everyone on our experiential marketing team to succeed, so when someone at Pro Motion is stuck, we all want to help. We believe that with our collective experience, there is someone here who has the knowledge to help a teammate get un-stuck. When we work together, we win together.

Example #1: All Hands on Deck!
Earlier this year we had another launch of a program in multiple markets at the same time. We have a best practice that someone from our management team must be at every first event (or, first week of events). Each time we have this occur we get several volunteers from management who head into the field to be extra arms and legs and also to share their wealth of knowledge to ensure a great start to the program. While it may not be their “job,” our team always finds the time to help launch new programs.

Example #2: That’s not my axle!
It was the end of the day and an Account Manager was notified that one of our mobile tours in route to Las Vegas for a large trade show had a broken axle and was on the side of the road in Texas. He called a quick meeting and in about 30 minutes the plan was made. We had an extra axle in St. Louis that would be driven by one of our Accountants in a spare vehicle to Springfield, Missouri to meet up with another Pro Motion mobile tour that had stopped in Springfield overnight. The other team would then deliver the new axle to Texas in time to have it installed in Vegas in time for the show. How often does an Accountant volunteer to take a 4 hour drive at the end of a work day to make sure a mobile tour gets to its event?

At Pro Motion, our core values are lived everyday and are a huge part of our success since 1995. We live them, love them and celebrate them!

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