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Possimpible – the Pro Motion Mindset

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Fun to do the impossibleIt’s Kind of Fun to do the Impossible

Since I started at Pro Motion back in May of 2014, I’ve had to adjust my way of thinking. Luckily, I’ve also started performing improv, and I’ve learned a lot that crosses over.

With the awesome clients and imaginative & innovative activations that we dream up, I’ve had to (with the coaching of the team) remove myself from the box of what’s “realistic” or “possible,” and create a new box for brainstorming.


I’m reminded of Barney Stinson’s term, “possimpible,” from How I Met Your Mother:

From mobile basketball games and demolition demonstrations to circus sideshow-themed displays…from pop-up amphitheaters with VIP clubs in the walls to fully immersive and interactive 3D projection mapping art installations, the thinking here starts big and goes up from there.

We will certainly do something subdued and subtle (we call that our “practical creativity”). We will always match the tone of our clients’ brands. But we also keep in mind that you came to Pro Motion for an experience. You’re looking for something special to help pull your brand out of the clutter and into the consumers mind. So, no matter what, we’ll always be giving you something that you won’t get anywhere else.

But many of our clients want something that’s not subdued…something that’s not subtle.

And that’s where our magic begins.

The team at Pro Motion has a knack for capturing the essence of a brand, filtering it through the “possimpible,” then retranslating it into something that is unique, magical, and completely do-able. For 20 years, we’ve been creating activations that produce “A-Ha!” moments, generate meaningful brand relationships, and turn consumers into lifelong customers. The spectacle and experience is second only to the brand and the offering.

I’m pretty excited for 2015. It’ll be my first full calendar year with the team here, and it’s already started off like a fireworks show. I can’t wait to come up with more impossible things, and to be a part of the expert team here at Pro Motion when they make it all “possimpible.”

It’s not too late…you should get in on this, too! Contact us and let us know what type of “possimpible” things you’d like to see for your brand!

Escher photo credit: p111414984 via photopin (license)