Our People

Executive Team

Steve Randazzo


I’m a lucky guy.

When we started Pro Motion in 1995, we didn’t have much credibility or many stories to tell when we started talking to new clients. In fact, I remember sending a deck to a new client and telling them we were only 29 days old!

We were good at Event Marketing back then; we are so much better now.

As you can imagine, 20 years in the Event world has provided us the knowledge to do just about anything. Our marketing team has activated at every major event you can think of, worked with every retailer you can imagine, been to just about every fair and festival, and gotten permits in places you can’t even get any more…like the White House! There are not too many (any?) independent shops like us who have been around for 20 years.

We’ve been so lucky to work with some of the best clients in the World and we’ve been fortunate to have so many truly great Brand Ambassadors along the way who many we still keep in touch with as they grow in their careers. I love that we only work with 10 clients at a time, and really get excited when they tell me they feel like they are our only client. Yep, the service is that special.

Cathi Kennedy

Account Director

My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias…it’s all about kind, soft-spoken and strong women…”Her colors are pink and pink.” “My colors are blush and bashful, mama.”

My favorite Disney princess is Snow White…She went out on her own and found 7 men to manage – that’s my kinda girl!

The most important thing I’ve learned about experiential marketing (besides that it rules) is…to be flexible, resourceful, creative and to HAVE FUN!

I call myself the Queen; it’s self-proclaimed, for sure. I have been with Pro Motion since early 1996 and have done just about every job within the company. One day I decided that my title should be Queen and now I own it!

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.”
-Oprah Winfrey

Margaret Headshot

Margaret Tolbert

Account Manager

Designing, coordinating and executing events is what I do. So, here I am running Pro Motion’s Nashville office with two other rock stars.

My husband and my son are my world! And living with these two boys ensures that I’m on my toes and keeping sharp even when I’m not at work!

I have a special talent for staying calm when the heat is on, and I am genuinely a happy person. I love marketing, people, and executing creative events. People are amazed at how organized I am and how much I can get done in a day’s work.

Fun Fact: I believe that smiling and laughing are contagious!

Fun Fact: If you are in town, I will happily educate you and introduce you to the best Nashville Hot Chicken joints.

“Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.” – Mae West

Brian Dooley

Chief Marketing Manager

I like funny things and geeky things…and I like when they are the same things.

My super power is amplifying others’ super powers. I’m like Ando, from the TV show “Heroes.” Whatever you’re good at, I will multiply it.

Fun fact: I perform improv theatre with my team “30 Rock From the Sun” and others.

Fun fact: I’m a huge fan of the oxford comma.

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”
– Hunter S. Thompson

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing wings on the way down.”
– Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


Becky Fitzgibbon

Head of Accounting

I love my job here at Pro Motion, because it’s a great chance for me to spend other people’s money!

When I’m not at work, I love doing home improvements and crafting. I do remodeling on my house, I sew, and I make fun gifts for my friends and family. Oh! I also love spending time with my friends and family…eating, drinking, being merry, etc.

Fun fact about me: I am the youngest of 10 kids. I was born in Cuba, and I came to the US when I was 2.

I love old movie thrillers. When I was little, my mom would let me stay up late to watch Alfred Hitchcock movies.

My best friends would describe me as funny, loyal, helpful, and compassionate.

My favorite food is a good steak… It’s one of the few things I can’t cook on my own.

One of my favorite quotes is “Work hard, play hard, and wear glasses if you need ’em!”

I feel respected here at Pro Motion. “Employees first, always” is a real thing. I came from a place where any deviation from the plan…any slight error was cause for alarm. It was the end of the world every time. The atmosphere at our event marketing agency makes me feel better than I ever have. I’ve also gotten to do things that I never have…like drive a box truck!