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Experiential Marketing is Driving Original Content

By May 19, 2014 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Does your brand need original content?

We are getting the request to develop original authentic content from our clients almost daily. Without exception, every conversation with a new prospect turns to the question of content.

It turns out that our clients are spot-on.

In a recent study, TNS and WP Engine, found that the majority of Americans (62%) want to see valuable content that comes directly from their favorite brands. Our experiential marketing programs create content for clients across the nation every day. When consumers have that “aha” moment—when they clearly experience the benefits of the product or service we’re demonstrating—the content that they produce becomes social media currency for our clients. There is no better way to generate authentic content for your brands than by capturing that “a-ha!” moment. Find more information on the TNS/WPE study here. If you want to chat about how experiential marketing can drive your social media efforts, give us a call!

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc