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Motor Coach Promotions Provide Branding with ROI

By February 26, 2013 October 14th, 2019 No Comments

I’m riding in a beautiful 45′ motor coach from Nashville to St. Louis and I have to tell you, this vehicle draws attention from passersby and from customers.  We just left a fuel station and every single person around the station looked over at us to see who was getting out of the coach and to marvel at the huge branding graphics on the side of the bus.

Now, I’m not a marketer who thinks much of some eye balls gawking at 45′ of beautiful 3M graphics although I do recognize the positive branding enhancements you get from consumers seeing your brand in the marketplace.   I know impressions don’t change behavior, but getting face-to-face with key customers sure does!

Motor coach promotions change behaviors and emotionally connect consumers to your brand.  When you pull up to a customer’s parking lot, everyone coming to work that day begins the internal buzz…”hey, did you see the motor coach out in the parking lot?  Who from here gets to go in it?”  Then, the pre-invited guests begin to arrive for their scheduled meetings and the ROI begins.

Based on our research, customers who participate in motor coach promotions say:

  1. They appreciate that the mobile trade show comes to them.
    Net result: It saves time and money and shows the brand’s appreciation of the relationship.
  2. Products that can’t be easily ‘carried into’ a sales call can be presented in the right environment inside the motor coach.
    Net result: Customers have the opportunity to experience the product first hand and see the true value of it.
  3. The meetings/presentations are more effective since key customers can be present together and join in more meaningful dialogue.
    Net result: The executives are able to make faster decisions.

ROI Summary:  Saving time and money, experiencing the actual product and making faster decisions.

Every client whom with we’ve discussed results specific to their motor coach promotion has confessed that the positive ROI and self-funding program exceeded their expectations and after the first motor coach promotion, it became easier to get funding for the next motor coach promotion; what gets measured, gets funded!

If you are ready to break the status quo in your marketing plan and begin to bring relevance to your brand, take a look at a motor coach promotion and begin a real branding program that delivers a tangible ROI.