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Mobile Tour Safety Tips – On and Off the Road

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If part of your brand’s marketing plan includes a mobile tour then safety should be an important part of your program.  The experiential marketing agency you choose should have standard operating procedures for all parts of the campaign, including safety tips.  A mobile tour’s branded vehicle is a mobile billboard and can generate millions of impressions while on the road.  The vehicle could be the latest impression a consumer has of your brand – recent impressions are everything.

While on the Road:

  1. Always drive in the right lane – except when passing
  2. Never drink and drive
  3. Follow all traffic laws
  4. Know your vehicle’s height and weight
  5. Slow is safest
  6. If you are tired, call it a night
  7. Do a daily pre-trip vehicle walk around
  8. Do not use your phone while driving (this includes talking and texting)
  9. Always be a defensive driver

While Parked:

  1. Park vehicle in a highly visible and well lit location
  2. Be aware of what is behind you when backing up.  Get out and check behind the vehicle/trailer.  If there are two people in the vehicle, there is no excuse for the passenger not getting out and directing the driver.
  3. Use emergency brake when parking
  4. Secure vehicle overnight – properly lock doors and windows and set alarm
  5. Never leave equipment or product on the seats of the vehicle.  Store in the back of the vehicle or take into the hotel.
  6. Everything should be properly secured inside the vehicle/trailer prior to your departure
  7. Know where you are going before you leave – utilize GPS, directions, maps, etc.

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