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Missing Brand Vitality? Here’s The Consequence

By February 14, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Missing-Brand-Vitality-Here’s-The-Consequence-300x225Vitality means strong, youthful and powerful. What happens if your brand fails to have vitality? It means your brand lacks relevance, has become stagnant and stops growing. Even if you had brand vitality in the past or if your brand is currently thriving you need to continue to push beyond the status quo to make sure your brand continues to grow.

There are plenty of examples of brands that have been successful over the years but a lack of vitality has caused them to become stagnant. For example, the Energizer brand has always thrived on the quality of their product. A better battery equated to better sales. However, as electronics are relying less and less on the standard AA replaceable batteries and instead coming powered by built-in rechargeable batteries Energizer’s top products are becoming less relevant. The Energizer brand has launched new lines of portable power and household lighting products but they have not been able to effectively make a name for themselves in these new categories. Energizer has been run very conservatively and although they have some great new products they don’t know how to introduce them to the marketplace. They are making decisions so as not to upset stockholders and disturb the status quo rather than launching any new marketing tactics that might be viewed as risky.

If you continue doing what you’ve always done you will eventually begin to lose relevance. In the long term the status quo is really the riskier decision. It seems okay on a day-to-day basis, but when you look at it from a macro standpoint your brand has probably been dying for years.