Measuring Your Experiential Marketing

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Every Marketing Dollar Is Important

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“Our B2B mobile marketing tour was a great resource for our sales team. It cut the sales cycle in half. The bus was like 6 touches.”


We are pulling metrics from the tour to update our Q1 highlights. The tour has been wildly successful. We have exceeded almost all social metrics we have set and event impressions. The team is doing a great job and the video content generation is extremely popular.


Every marketing dollar is important:

it has to be accounted for, and more importantly measured against any number of metrics.

As marketing professionals we know, “what gets measured gets funded.” So when looking at your planning and accounting for your next experiential marketing campaign, take a careful look at what measurements you are currently using or being provided to justify your spend. Ask yourself two questions:

  • Is your data real and easy to understand?
  • Is it a reliable measurement against your objectives for the program?

Your job depends on it!

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