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Marketing Must Adjust to Short Attention Spans

By November 21, 2013 April 9th, 2020 No Comments

Avoid having your message blocked by a short attention span.

Consumer attention spans are getting shorter and shorter making it more difficult to engage and connect your marketing with your customers. We can no longer rely on having the consumers full attention for the 30-90 seconds of our TV commercials. Consumers now want to review information in short 140 character blocks and prefer to request more info rather than have it all presented to them at once feeding multiple inputs to their short attention spans.

Want to make your messages more attention friendly?

Follow these tips:

Make it Relevant

Brands need to work a lot harder to be relevant to their audiences. In order to beat the competition, a brand’s products or services not only must meet their customers’ needs, they also need to appeal to the things that their audience cares about and can implement into their daily lives.

Be Human

You must have a human touch to your brand; it’s a requirement, not an option if you want to survive in business today. This is all about building relationships, nurturing friendships, establishing and earning the respect of powerful brand evangelists who will shout from a mountain top how wonderful you and your brand are.

Keep it Meaningful

Your messages have to be exactly what a consumer is looking for when they are looking for it because after all, Google is only a click or tap away.

Give Direction

Including an impactful call to action or provocative next step for your customers is all the difference in your messaging. If they don’t know what to do with the information you provide then what is the point of wasting your marketing dollars creating it?

Invite Participation

Let your customers know you want to hear from them. Ask questions, be sincere, and open unfiltered dialogue for them. With short attention spans you must break through by creating conversations; talking at your audience only serves to turn them off.

Keep it simple. Always.

You may be great at creating vine videos, and Instagram photos that grab the attention of you customers, but if you don’t maintain the flow of conversation at the pace they need you will lose them every time.

Being creative and keeping your marketing messages simple will go a long way in making your brand like candy for the attention stingy consumers of today’s market.