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Making It Happen

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pabloMake it Happen

Pro Motion’s core values have been in place since 1995, soon after we first opened the doors. They shape what Pro Motion is and how we operate on a daily basis. Whether it is at the highest level or the smallest choice, our values are the base of every decision we make.

“Make It Happen” isn’t just words we say to make ourselves feel good; we say it because it is a way of doing things—reminding ourselves to get things done no matter what. “Just Do It” is Nike’s reminder to get off your butt and hit the ground running (literally). “Make it Happen” is our “Just Do It.” There have been many times over the past 20 years when Murphy’s Law gave us a nice upper-cut to the chin, changing plans we had carefully laid out. Knowing that we have to “Make it Happen,” though, reminds us to face the issue head-on, make the appropriate changes, and overcome the obstacle.


One of our favorite examples of the Pro Motion team “Making It Happen” is when one of our mobile tour activations featured live termites. It’s safe to say that nobody likes termites. But on this tour, we had to keep a colony of them alive. That was the plan, anyway. We even had a termite wrangler come train our team on how to care for the colony! Things didn’t go quite as planned. The environment—the world itself—conspired against us. While traveling between cities, the temperature went too low, and the colony perished.

What to do?

The event was in two days, and termites can really only be found in one place: the woods. What did our Brand Ambassadors do? They went to the woods! That’s right, they headed into the woods and hunted a new colony of termites for the display. Their training didn’t tell them how to find termites. No one told them to “go into the woods and look for termites.” Certainly, no one expected our people to source and transport a new batch of creepy termites…but our Brand Ambassadors live by “Make It Happen,” and that’s exactly what they did!

Our client was happy and our commitment to our client and their brand never faltered. 

We always give everything we’ve got to our clients no matter what…even if it is for termites!

We always “Make It Happen.”