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What Makes a Great Marketing Agency?

By October 23, 2017 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

You want to be different, and stand out in the crowd. You want to offer an experience. We have a name for this concept: experiential marketing.

You’re ready to take the next steps, and meet with potential agencies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when interviewing your experiential marketing agency. A great experiential marketing agency strives to establish a meaningful relationship with clients, and will answer all your questions – both big and small.

What makes a great experiential marketing agency? Let’s find out!

1. Expertise
Expertise is defined as expert skill or knowledge in a particular field. A great experiential marketing agency will be experienced and well versed in all aspects of experiential marketing – event management, mobile marketing tours, marketing sampling teams, and everything in between.

2. Knowledge of Consumer
A dependable agency will develop a deep understanding of your customer base, generating a strategy to acquire, engage, and retain consumers. Your experiential marketing agency will combine their core competencies and comprehensive marketing research to develop a plan of action.A good experiential marketing agency will deliver results, but a great agency will reach beyond your wildest expectations.

3. Communication
Ask yourself – will this experiential marketing agency be accessible? When will we have check-ins? Experiential marketing is a 24/7 job, and doesn’t stop when the clock strikes 5:00. At Pro Motion, we hire the best tour managers and brand ambassadors. Tour managers and brand ambassadors have access to every member of our team, from our President Steve to our interns, offering communication across all levels of the program. We will manage the program every step of the way, and set up update calls as frequently or infrequently as you desire.

4. Creativity
An experiential marketing agency has the skills needed to be involved early on in the creative development phase of your campaign. Whether you have a vision, or want to offer your agency creative licenses, ensure your firm can meet you anywhere on the creative spectrum.

5. Transparency
Providing accurate and reliable reporting that allows you to measure experiential marketing results is key in establishing the transparency of a marketing agency. Ask your agency what kind of metrics you expect to see, and how often they will be delivered. A great agency will offer you access to metrics throughout the entirety of the campaign. We thoroughly believe in transparency, and created a site for our clients to track their tour metrics at every step. Choose what metrics you want to see, and our team will provide daily values. Reports? We create those too!

6. Staffing
In experiential marketing, brand ambassadors are the lifeline of your program. Ensure the face of your brand is well-trained, and prepared to convert your target audience into brand fanatics!

7. Problem-Solving Skills
The best experiential marketing agencies are those with a team of the brightest creative professionals full of fresh and unique idea and the tools needed for effective implementation. Whether you are attempting to tap into a new market, increase sales and retention rates, or expand your reach, your agency will tailor the perfect solution for your brand.

A great experiential marketing will embody all 7 components of a great marketing experiential agency. In addition, they will establish the trust you desire in a business partnership. Discover the Pro Motion difference in mobile marketing and discover why industry giants like Disney, CNN, Duck Tape®, HP, and Tractor Supply Company trust us too!