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Make Your Mobile Marketing Tour Go Viral

By December 5, 2018 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

For years, you’ve seen videos like “David after dentist” and “Charlie bit my finger.” You’ve seen the videos and answered the call on crazy challenges like the ALS ice bucket challenge. You’ve liked, tagged, and shared online content innumerable times. These are all viral phenomenons in our pop culture thanks to technology and social media. They’re all memorable and quotable. They bring people together in humor and fun. They connect the most unlikely personalities.

There are so many viral sensations in our technology-driven world today. And it’s many brand’s dream to become one of them.

But how?

According to Clever Tap, Viral marketing is “a strategy that you can use to get people to promote your app (or any other product) via their existing social networks.” But you don’t have to have a paid influencer or ambassador to make that happen! Try building to some brand love and loyalty through a mobile marketing program.

We have some tips that could put you in the running for the next big, shareable brand content.

  • Make a splash. Do something a bit out there and wacky. Create a buzz with a unique experience. It could bring new eyes and respect for your brand! You don’t take yourself too seriously but you’ve got a great product to share with the world.
  • Consumer involvement and low barrier to entry. Ask your footprint visitors to step into your photobooth and record a memorable moment to share with their networks (photo, boomerang, video, etc.).
  • Highlight a good cause or community connection during your mobile tour stops.
  • Produce great, unique, and exciting content that summaries the tour or specific high profile tour stops (videography or photography).
  • Make the content easily shareable. A link, photo, infographic, video clip. Something quick and catchy but also meaningful.
  • Connect your tour or content to something relevant in the world or pop culture today. Or connect it to something nostalgic from the past.

One note of caution. Be careful not to ask too much personal information from people or ask too much of them that they would not want to share your content organically. If it’s not something they normally post on their pages or it’s “too branded” out, they may not want to share the content.

What goes viral is a bit (okay, very) unpredictable. But it’s worth the risk to find a new, authentic way to engage with your current and new consumers! Plus, you’ll have a whole lot of fun doing it.

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