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Make It Happen

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Pro Motion’s Core Values have been in place since the very beginning. They shape what we do and how we do it from a high level down to our smallest choices.

These 5 tenets have remained virtually unchanged since 1995.  Here’s a look at Core Value #2.

Core Value #2: Make It Happen

“Make It Happen” is a spiritual cousin to “The Show Must Go On” and “Just Do It.” It comes in handy every day in the experiential marketing industry. It’s our business to create experiences that seem impossible. It’s also up to us to maintain high standards and ultra-high performance, regardless of what the world throws our way.

Keep the Display Alive

Core Value #2Make It HappenHave you ever tried to keep termites alive? Of course not! Doesn’t everyone want to kill the little demons? Well, we had live termites on one of our mobile tours. In fact, because we train so well, we even had an Entomologist (a bug expert) come in and train our team on how to care for this colony we had as part of one of our client’s displays. Well, we killed them. Every darn one of them; while traveling between cities, the temperature got too cold and they all died.

So what were our Brand Ambassadors to do? The next event was in two days and termites only come from one place…the woods. So, they headed out to the woods and found termites for the display. Talk about make it happen! Never in our training or in the job description for our Brand Ambassadors did it ever say to go into the woods and find termites. But, that’s what happens in field marketing – you gotta make it happen to ensure the show goes on, even when the show is live termites!

Blown Up, Sir!

With lots and lots of mobile tours and vehicles driving throughout the country every day on behalf of our clients Murphy’s Law exists and sometimes the vehicles breakdown in the most inopportune times. On a cross-country west-to-east coast journey with a NASCAR mobile tour, we were heading from the west coast to the east coast and we had mechanical problems on the tow vehicle pulling the trailer with the show car and all of the equipment. We were heading to the next race city of Atlanta and we only had 3 days to get there. The only way we’d make that event was to rent a tow vehicle in Phoenix and two of us from the office jumped on a plane to tandem drive across the southern portion of the country straight through without stopping to make it in time for the event. And that is what we did. Three of us taking turns driving, resting and navigating until we got to Atlanta; 6 hours before the start of the event and well within DOT regulations. Making it happen!

It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to keep the “Make It Happen” mantra top-of-mind. The show must go on even when Murphy’s Law surfaces.  If a field marketing agency hasn’t embraced and focused their service on this mentality, it will show up in the quality of their work.

photo credit: “… itty-bitty living space.” via photopin (license)