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Whether you want to admit it or not, you are probably like the rest of us. You wake up, pour a cup of coffee, grab your iPhone, and begin to scroll through your seemingly endless social media feeds.

If you are anything like me, you have probably noticed the growing fashion trend on Instagram – fashion bloggers. They give us a glimpse into their life by posting their very fashionable “effortless” outfits and “candid” life photos on their Instagram account.

The marketing industry has a lot to learn from these fashion forward individuals – they are building an empire based on influencer marketing. For those of you that don’t know, influencer marketing is defined as marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. In other words, fashion bloggers are opinion leaders.

Consumers now have the opportunity to follow fashion bloggers that they relate to, whether that be through similar tastes in fashion, lifestyle, or geographical location. Once a consumer identifies with an individual blogger, they begin to take note of what products and brands are being used.

Now that fashion plays such a large role on Instagram, companies have taken the next step in their marketing efforts. With platforms such as LiketoKnow.it, everyday Instagram users can now “shop” a bloggers outfit, by receiving an email with direct links to each item featured in the picture.

Successful bloggers are now being paid and receiving free merchandise to style. What is so unique about this is that bloggers are able to show off their personal style, while companies are boosting their sales organically.

What can we learn from this growing trend in fashion blogging as marketers?

Fashion bloggers are opinion leaders. Followers take note of how their favorite bloggers style everything, and often try to duplicate the look at home. This drives sales to designer websites, and creates a more organic and less aggressive approach to an advertising campaign.

In order to be successful in our marketing efforts, we can look to fashion bloggers, and learn from their methods.

Consumers are often very aware of contemporary marketing campaigns. By creating organic campaigns and utilizing opinion leaders, marketers can reach a greater target audience. This, in turn, boosts sales, and allows consumers to feel a more personal connection.

Now that you know a little more about this growing trend, grab your iPhone and cup of coffee, and take the next step in boosting your future marketing campaigns.