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It’s the Time of the Year for Giving [back]

By November 15, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

savation army donation kettleHappy Holidays from Pro Motion!

The holidays are a time for giving, and giving back. It’s when we are all scrambling to finish our gift shopping, preparing homes for the colder months, trying to plan events around busy family schedules, and also squeezing in some moments to enjoy a nice fireside hot chocolate with friends or loved ones. With all of these added pressures it can difficult to accomplish everything. That is why we think it is an excellent opportunity for brands to help consumers do something that is usually on their “list” but rarely gets done; giving back to the community, in service or in philanthropy.

“It’s an opportunity for brands to help consumers”

You may ask, “How can my brand make it any easier for a busy person to give back to their community?” It’s simple really, just by creating the opportunity and letting your customers know. How often do you get the message at the credit card terminal “Would you like to donate $1 to [insert cause here]?”And how often have you clicked yes? Most of us have definitely patted ourselves on the back thanks to that little prompt.  While we would love to give more to causes we appreciate or sympathize with, many of us don’t allocate the time and energy to find and give to worthy causes. It’s all about convenience, and giving back to the community is rarely convenient.

Using this knowledge, brands have a significant opportunity to reach their customers and prospects by offering experiences that allow their customers to support a worthy cause. It fills a need by eliminating some of the barriers to giving back like researching causes and deciding when and how to give back. Being a sponsor/organizer of philanthropic activities is not only a great way to get positive brand impressions, it is just good karma.

The End of the Year is Approaching…

So as you are looking at end of the year marketing activities consider an event that supports a good cause helping your customers do something that they always want to do but rarely are able to fit in. Here’s a list of ways your brand can help customers give back.

  • Sponsor a 5k to collect winter coats
  • Polar Bear Plunge
  • Create a fun event/activity and match a dollar amount to the number or participants
  • Hold a social media contest for an exclusive service experience
  • Community Clean Up Day with your employees
  • Toy Drives
  • Organize a community pot luck for the homeless
  • Sponsor a Turkey Giveaway at the grocery store
  • Hold a charity concert, bar hop, or other entertainment fundraiser